Small puzzle picture I've made

Hi, I’m enjoying Waking Titan a lot and as a thank you to everyone involved I’ve made a drawing with a small puzzle, it’s not much really but maybe someone would like to crack it. Thanks for all the fun with this ARG and cheers for the amazing community! <3


Did you make this? It’s beautiful! I’ll try to solve it but I’m honestly not amazing with this sort of thing :sweat_smile:


Yeah, thanks! I’m happy that you like it, and I hope someone will enjoy solving it while waiting for the new WT puzzle :slight_smile:

I love that Waking Titan is inspiring you. Haha. It’s awesome to see that. I, too, am not amazing at this sort of thing either, but I’ll give it a whirl! :smiley:

Still have not solved this

If you’d like a clue, not everything is in the picture :wink:

I’m really bad at these things…

Things I tried

On ‘pik izd bamuy npc oigbglrzs dwlr’
Rot 13, substitution with ‘curiosity’ as keyword, substition + rot13, substitution with rot3

I got what the message said, but I’m not sure how to move forward :sweat_smile:

The solution is:

it’s Vigenere cipher with “curiosity” as a passphrase

And there is no moving forward sadly, but maybe some day I will make a few pictures linked together leading to each other, would be nice I think :slight_smile:
Btw if you liked it I made another one soon after the first one


Solved! :smiley:
that was pretty challenging, but fun ^^

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With help from lilith and zinfinion I got it too. They did a good job!

So i guess you draw them yourself?

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Yeah, I do, although for the first one I used a reference photo from google. And we got a separate topic for puzzles, that’s really nice! I’ll probably make another one soon :slight_smile:


Can’t wait :smiley:
Been looking for other things to do in the meantime xD

Fantastic work! Love the art. Do you post any other work elsewhere? Like, say… deviantART??

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Thanks! And yeah I have deviantart