Balmoth's challenges

Since Waking Titan only decides to “torture” our minds on Saturdays and I noticed many of you would like to have something to tease you during the week I will try and create some challenges in my free time. And to make things more interesting why not add a nice reward each time?
Basically the premises is simple. I will post a puzzle (in whatever format I fancy). The answer to that puzzle is one word and one word only.
After that you will just have to add that answer to a link like this -
For example if the word was key you would have to follow the link

You will land on a page with instructions on what to do to win the prize. First one to solve it wins.

So having said that let’s go for it


Difficulty - Easy
Reward - A steam key for the game “Killing Floor


And we have a winner (told you it was easy) A new one will be up soon. I will post a solution for 001 then.

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i tried but i’m too late, is it ‘red’?