NMS Steam Code Giveaway [OVER]


I’m already playing NMS on PS4.

Who wants ID #24 /80?

Message me with code.
But first you have to find it.


1st wins - good luck!


011 = X?1X
101 = fttfftttfttttffffttfffftftttffftfttttftfftttffff
110 = gid>>
001 = X-?
100 = 34362e383034353938342c2d39352e39383030323333
010 = WOEm



Nice idea! Will try to solve. Is it anything ‘normal’ i should find?


Very nice idea. I will pin for today.



Wow, someone here is already very close, but I didn’t receive the code yet.

Hint: it can be typed.


got it, waiting for confirmation from @Puzzle :grin:


Very curious to the solution! I didn’t even get halfway


Confirmed, @crash won!
Steam key was sent out.

Game over :wink:


Congratz. Can we have an explanation? (in spoilers ? :slight_smile: )



  1. X-files

  2. WOEm reversed is mEOW (like a cat)

  3. X BOX ONE X

  4. 34362e383034353938342c2d39352e39383030323333 decodes to coordinates leading to moe road

  5. f -> 0, t -> 1, decoding the binary yields gxaqzp

  6. i didn’t figure out how to get this one, i brute-forced file endings, but the answer was jpg

The decoded URL leads to another brief puzzle, which can be solved by opening the image in Notepad++ or a hex editor to find the key phrase

Thanks @Puzzle!


Oh wow, the X-ones i wouldn’t have though of ever.

WOEm I was getting closed, but don’t think i would have made that connection


About how to solve 6.:

gid>> just means you look at your keyboard and move 2 keys to the right (>>)
g >> j
i >> p
d >> g



You are too dang clever. I never would have gotten that!


Was great fun! Too hard for me. Got to train more on this ARG :stuck_out_tongue:


That was fun to make - next time I do a harder one :wink:


Oh no! I would never be able to solve that one!


There really should be more of these with downtimes of a few days. People get restless quick xD


@Puzzle : maybe it wasn’t noticeable here, but on discord multiple people were trying to solve it! So you did get a few more people going on it.

Yeah, @Lilith , would be awesome


I agree! Maybe I can make a subforum for us to challenge each other…