“Think and wonder, wonder and think.”


“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.”



Is this part of WT ARG?


It’s part of @DevilinPixy s plot to destroy my brain cells


@nmsgalaxy, no, the puzzles in this category are not part of the ARG.


I know! It’s what I see before I put my contacts in every morning. You really captured my world! :laughing:


A big Xmas tree ? or NMS galaxy map with economy filter ?

Title and citation reffered to Dr Seuss but it’s not my culture so i don’t know if it is usefull.


It’s my culture, and I don’t know if it’s useful either!


It’s the SA-77 from Silpheed…from Sega CD not DOS, lol. Seriously, it does look like a ship leaving a space station.


Aaaaargh :persevere:


There’s no place like space.




I think the answer is in here somewhere…but this is where my brain decides it is time to go to sleep…:sweat_smile:


Looks like if you get a camera with a good zoom and focus lens, put it right in front of a TV, and you can see the red blue green diodes shut and close and change colours as needed, only you’ve blurred the image.

Though honestly I’m clueless and lost and that’s my only frame of reference outaide of red green(pickle) blue.


I did not blur the image, did you check?

I just scaled the images in here, this is how small they actually are:

1st image

2nd image


Oh my mistake, I realise now they’re images with low dimensions. When browsing on phone it blows them up to fill the screen automatically… (edit: ah, okay it’s not my phone now that I see your edit :D)

Right, back to the drawing board :slight_smile:


Well, it may be a bit more complicated to solve on a mobile device. You’d need the source, not what is shown. Downloading the image would result in the tiny size, even though I scaled it initially in here. On desktop when you open the actual image source (new tab), it should be just as small. The same when you save it …


Converted the filename to:

35 62 61 30 66 65 31 39 35 36
35 38 34 36 35 33 35 34 32 38
30 33 63 36 34 36 37 63 62 39
34 62 36 61 38 63 30 36 39 65

Am I on the right lines?


The file name is randomly generated by this forum and has nothing to do with it.



So it was ‘created’ by this forum then? Do uploaded files not retain their original name? (I don’t really pay that much attention)


Only when you create or edit a post/reply will you see the actual filename (url encoded).