No Man's Sky and Waking Titan - The RGB

For those that don’t know, 84.190.188 is the RGB color of the main color in the No Man’s Sky poster. Interesting little link.

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It thought that it was agreed on Reddit that the no mans sky poster was actually a gradient and that this colour simply fell within the gradient range? Seems to be a tenuous link to be entirely honest

It might be a link, but we have to keep in mind that a lot of sky-images will have a blue gradient which includes that color

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Theres multiple colors, yes. But the gradient range is around 84.87.187-192.184-189

It’s a really small gap, I think it’s too short to shun this off

Yes, good point. Let’s keep it in mind to see if anymore colors are referenced like that.

I think that is quite a range:

Also the banner / labels on ETARC use almost that exact colour too, so if there is a link then its being echoed in ETARC: RGB(93,191,176) :smiley:

I wasn’t critizing, just think that in my opinion it is conicidental rather than deliberate; I, however, have been known to be wrong :slight_smile:

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no no no!! i mean the number ranges like this:

it can be anywhere between 84-87 for the first number.

187-192 for the second.

184-189 for the third

thats how i meant it

Ahh makes more sense then :smiley:

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If you’re making a topic about colors, you might as well include this:
As another possibility for what that color might be referring to.

I think echo-64’s designer having the initials R.G.B. give it away as representing a color value, but of course everyone is free to speculate on what the color means. The galaxy color is an interesting idea; I’ve never even made it to the center of the first galaxy so that’s beyond my knowledge. But I do think the average color of the NMS sky art is pretty much that color, so I still think there’s a strong argument for that.

Of course, that number is also an IP range for Deutsche Telekom, which connects it to the German movie it links to. And the cityscape picture on the sites that are closed right now is of the Deutsche Bank twin towers in Frankfurt. Many connections, few answers.

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Aren’t ARGs great :slight_smile: everyone has their own interpretation of everything :slight_smile:


This is my first ARG, so I’m not sure if they’re all like this, but the downtime fills the well with no limit of speculation. I liked it better when we had clear goals. Or to borrow MacBeth, our interpretations are often “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” :wink:

Speculation and Meta conversations happen with a lot of ARG, especially ones that find a large enough audience. Research and tangents about possible leads plus sharing ideas. Even tying to figure out what this is about or expressing what it means on a more personal level. All part of the community that springs up around these things. We all have strengths and weaknesses and at some point everyone will have a chance to feel useful, like we contributed to something meaningful. And it is.

tl;dr yes it is a staple of ARG, has been for years!