No Man's Sky: Galaxies and Colors


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I recently came across some Posts in this Thread here on the ETARC Forums. What is mentioned there about Euclid, Hilbert and so on made me look back into the Galaxy Names from No Mans Sky. What i stumbled across was an interesting find in THIS Steam Community Topic:

quote from Topic (Spoiler: No Mans Sky Galaxy behavior):“UPDATE: I’ve noticed a pattern of the galaxies following the colors of the rainbow, starting from the second galaxy, the colors are: Red/Pink > Purple > Indigo > Sky Blue > Cyan/Teal > Green. If this pattern continues then there are likely to be at least two more galaxies that are yellow and orange”

This may also be just coincidential, but reminds me much of one puzzle on
Puzzle Spoiler: “This breaks white into seven” Solution: A Prism, dividing the light into the colors of a rainbow"

I find this very interesting and this may underline another relation between WT and NMS.

Also, because this is my first post i would like to take this as an opportunity to introduce myself to the ETARC Community. As i am new feel free to point it out to me if i am doing wrong.


Seems like more evidence that NMS and WT are related if anything. Good find!


Thank you! I first thought this is far-fetched but i also can’t imagine another way how a Prism fits into WT. It may be just a simple puzzle, but on the other hand i think one does not only choose a random topic for a puzzle.


Does this also somehow connect to the web designer being listed as Rickley G. Brown on the Echo-64 page, whose initials are RGB and can connect to certain number sequences as RGB values?


I moved this over to ‘Thoughts and Theories’ since it’s sort of a side-tangent… But a really good one!


Okay, makes sense, Emily. Thank you! :wink:


Yes, jojo. I think so. Colors are definitely important for WT and i bet we come across another Color Puzzle.

Edit: however i don’t know if we can use the nms galaxy as some kind of key yet. But i think i will bring it further to the nms subreddit.


I am curious about light - if the Echo technology is using EM waves of some sort to create the “echo” then light, in terms of wavelength, may be important. I noticed the waking titan website uses green, red, white and grey for the sigil and glyph colors. The Echo-64 website has a lot of red and in curious places, certain words are red and certain boxes and so on… A prism splits visible light - what if there are “prisms” that split other EM waves into different bands?

Also - to widely speculate - the brain processes color very differently sometimes (look at things like color blindness, Synesthesia and so on.)

Hmm, I wonder if in addition to numbers and such, we should be tracking colors more?


PLease share what you find in the subreddit - I have not played NMS and do not know much about the ties, so curious about anything that might “illuminate” the color subject (ok poor attempt at a light pun :slight_smile:


That is definitely a very good suggestion, we should! Also, but this is very far-fetched: the Sigils look like Prisms from above, don’t they?
I don’t know much about EM Waves and the Echo technology but i think the same as you that it may become important. Because echoes (Korvax Echoes) are important in NMS.
I had not much time this evening (German Time) to answer, sorry for that.
Surely i will illuminate you about the outcome of the subreddit (once i have time; that bloody evening classes -.- !) Your light pun was fine :wink:


Well, some ppl ( ) have been mentioning the number at the bottom might be an RGB code. The post I linked refers to it as the color of the NMS poster, but there is also another interesting things going on with colors in NMS. As dave jones mentioned, the galactic core of each galaxy is different and cyan ( (RGB 84, 190, 188) ) is the color of the 6th galaxy (screenshot: at: ) This could mean that a next set of coordinates might be from that galaxy or something else related either to that galaxy, or it’s number (6). All this is speculation at this point however.


Now THIS is very interesting! Not only that the 6th Galaxy is the first that is named procedural (not by hand) but also there is the fact that some rooms hidden behind a door (which you need Atlas Pass V2 for) point on specific systems with 3 Planets and 2 moons. Maybe WT gives the NMS players clearer directions?

Shota i copied this Thread to the NMS Subreddit for further brainstorming on this topic, are you Okay if i mention your Idea there? It is very good indeed!

No Man's Sky and Waking Titan - The RGB

Sure, go ahead, maybe someone else can connect the next set of dots. :slight_smile: