Possible Waking Titan clues involving NMS


On the no man’s sky reddit someone posted pictures of their freighter ship with a new logo stamped on a few locations. The only response to the post so far is one saying it has images from “that website” which I could only imagine he’s referring to Waking Titan https://www.reddit.com/r/NMSPortals/comments/6gnxhu/barcode_and_letternumber_code_found_in_freighter/
My interest in this started with No Man’s Sky and the portals, what it has grown to be is truly amazing. Maybe this is nothing, but with all connection Waking Titan has to NMS it just is very odd. Hopefully this will turn out to be something


That definitely looks like the moon symbol from the wakingtitan.com site. It’s hard to say whether any of those alphanumeric strings are significant to the puzzle, but this definitely seems to be another connection between NMS and Waking Titan!


To be fair, there are a fair amount of differences. The moon on wakingtitan.com is separated in half with two different colours, and is placed next to waves and another smaller crescent. The one on the freighter just seems to be a crescent in a circle, which while having certain similarities with the one on wakingtitan.com, it lacks the finer details of the symbols which provides it with meaning.

And to address the major elephant in the room, crescents aren’t particularly uncommon shapes (especially in a game about space).

The bar code and the strings however, could potentially be something, or just a random string of letters and numbers like you would see on most assets :thinking:


Well sure, it’s not exact. But they both feature crescent moons inside a circle and a horizontal line running through them. If it was just a crescent shape I wouldn’t think anything of it. The starship symbol is not exactly the same as the starship icon in NMS, but still close enough for me to consider them related. So I would say that if these moon symbols are unrelated, it’s quite a coincidence that such similar shapes would be found when there are already so many other connections.

I ran the barcodes through a scanner and they didn’t seem to be encoded in a normal format, though it’s possible there is a custom encoding we have to figure out. It’s more likely they are simply game assets without a particular purpose, as you say.


I investigated this almost 2 months ago on NMS portals but couldnt really find anything about it at the time, maybe it’s been there waiting for this arg to pop up

interesting thing i found

Someone else did a better investigation at the same time as me but can’t find the link to send it


I’m moving this topic into ‘Thoughts and Theories’, because it fits better there. Thanks so much for contributing to discussions!


Found the person who did a better investigation on this

Container Texture found in Freighter. What I’ve found so far…


Well I just scanned the barcode, and this is the first thing that popped up… weird lol. Im sure It’s another case of weird luck. and not related but cool none the less lol



Ascii file made at: 21:32:28, 05/24/93
Data file: /opdisk/c9123106.0tm Idat: 1.6 8/30/91 Rdat: unknown
Year: 1991 Day: 231
Start_time: 06:24:06.815 End_time: 16:43:58.080

Burst Times (milliseconds past midnight UT):

Bunch of numbers follow.


I’m not sure if it’s much of a clue but here’s the entrance to an Atlas Station from NMS…

Looks familiar?


The huge line of numbers on echo-64.com that leads to the Hamlet quote “There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so” is actually a nod to NMS. If you look at that line in the play, the next line Hamlet has uses the phrase “infinite space”, and NMS is all about an infinite universe for players to explore.


No Man’s Sky is full of cool little easter eggs like the barcodes; etchings and stuff that could mean something. Like on the monoliths, there appears to be icons of star systems with 3 planets and 3 moons, and then there is rooms in space stations with holograms of star systems with 3 planets and 3 moons, but then when you go to a star system with 3 planets and 3 moons you don’t really find anything unique.
NMS itself seems like an Alternate Reality Game with hidden meanings that often don’t lead anywhere. Which is why Waking Titan seems like a perfect fit for it.