WARE Dev Kit Updates


Any one else get an email about WARE’s competition and, protocol PH-13, and a %60, boost to the engine for the WARE headset.



Isn’t there a PH-16 designation for the Atlas Passes? And what could PH-13 mean?


Here’s the rest of the email .





Yea, got the email. And wow, check out Oceansmoke Games. Well, all 3 should be looked at. But Oceansmoke seems to stand out.


Yeah, I received the same email I guess anyone who registered to ware should have received it.


I’ve been digging through the digital section of their site and they have a LOT of NMS themed pics…


Going through the Oceansmoke site:
At the very bottom you see the text
“Fbuqiu xubf ki, mu qhu jhqffut. Mu sqddej mqau. Mu sqddej mqau. Ehjxqwed yi huqb”
Which, when run through a Caesar +16 cypher, gives us:
“please help us, we are trapped. we cannot wake. we cannot wake. orthagon is real”

Additionally, at the bottom-right corner, there’s the text:
"Qdt jxud mu mqau. Eh te mu? Ibuuf udtkhui
Cehu jxqd jxu cehdydw sqd, mxud ixqtemi byu
Ixqhfuh jxqd cekdjqydi, "
Which, when done with the same thing, gives us:
"and then we wake. or do we? sleep endures
more than the morning can, when shadows lie
sharper than mountains, "
Text from the poem “The Deepest Dream” by Mark Van Doren

Also if you navigate to the “about” section via the box at the top, you can find a comment (https://oceansmoke.wordpress.com/about/#comment-22) with hex code. Decyphered, it states:
"Here is no water but only rock
Rock and no water and the sandy road…


The top two lines are from TS Elliots “The Waste Land”


This sounds like something out of a darker version of “Tron”.


On the same page Oceansmoke, is a static gif, possibly with a hidden message or image within it.


Also spotted: in a jumble of random letters:

I can definitely make out “Please”, “we”, “cannot” and “help”


A guy on Reddit posted a few hours ago that the Ocean site was his and he put some puzzles in there. He said;
Edward_Monton • 8h
Hey! I don’t want anyone to get sidetracked, the oceansmoke site is mine. It’s not part of waking titan. I thought it would be fun to put some little puzzles in.

Don’t know if he’s legit or not.


Some team (or ARG player) really did great job. The Oceansmoke site is very succesfull.


It’s amazing. Great skills.


This guy is seriously talented. It seems a few people are putting fun ARG like puzzles in their websites. Very clever and lots of fun.


So the person that made the website is just an individual player with great skills, right?


I believe so. They have been active on Reddit before and shared fan art.