Dev Kit has arrived!


No, I didn’t get mine yet since I live on the far side of hell. But a discord user “Ben” has indeed received his.
This is what he’s posting:


Freaking out right now!


Just updated with new pic. I’ll keep updating the post as I know more…


It’s the hologram thingy!


Apparently, it’s link to one of the sites we talked about before, a part of the satcom website:


We need the deployment code!


Now I’m sure it is that homemade hologram thing.


They are mentioning sound files inside the phone…


Yea @DaleGrib no one knows the deployment code just yet, but apparently the Skype app on that phone has audio files linked in it, the guy said he’s going to upload them for us to listen in. Damn I wish I had mine :crying_cat_face:


Oh, nice…

Ben - Today at 4:07 PM
Transcribed audio files from phone
1 - “W/Are Tech support, how can i help you?”
2 - “Thank you for taking the time to update us on your condition, I see that you’ve ordered some of our exclusive blood thinners, did you follow the prescription instructions”
3 - “Were your sleeping patterns the same as usual?”
4 - “Thank you for you patience. I relayed a quick recap of your symptoms to our internal specialist, and your condition seems to be related to a mild case of brain fatigue. We suggest you take pauses between play session so your mind relaxes. If your symptoms persist, we suggest you consult a health specialist to make sure you don’t have any underlying conditions that could interfere with the headsets performance”(edited)




Matthew - Today at 12:05 AM
So, Lore wise, I’m guessing someone from Myriad planted this phone in the place of the headset.
It doesn’t make sense that WARE would want us accessing this.

Expand (Where’s my Sock?) | QP - Today at 12:05 AM
@Matthew probably atlas foundation. myriad is owned by them
and they said they wanted us to get into WARE


Maybe it was just an issue with customs and strict policy on brain-machine interfaces…


This is all coming from the data inside the phone, by the way…


Chat Phase = “GAME”



Go to the GamesDetectives/waking_titan on Discord, nice people, better brains! Some of the fastest solvers don’t even care about nms… I gotta go, it’s 0:23 :clock1230: of a regular working monday…


Tell me about it @Virakotxa I still need to be up for another hour and a half to wait for the audio upload to Reddit! And I’m going to work tomorrow!!!


Apparently there was a " dev mode " on the new phone and the user who got it is exploring it rn…



He is in dev mode in the phone, whatever bonkers that means :stuck_out_tongue:


Seems like the live stream is about to start: