Dev Kit has arrived!


That Dev Kit really is dangerous. The guy just died, right there on camera :grinning:


Yeah the timing was perfect xD


Pretty awesome.


Yay! This site works for me and I can actually type into it!


The stream is still down?


@Matt33111 the stream never came back up again :laughing:


I guess he really did die. Maybe we should help him find his grave.:grin:


If you would rather listen than read everything that just happened, here’s a video.


Thanks! @MacForADay … I need to catch up since I missed it all today lol


Sucks. I’m working a 14 hour shift today at work. I can’t catch up with everything! I guess I’m going to have to wait till there is a full summary with, hopefully, a video of the stream.

@MacForADay did you catch some of the stream footage? I missed it.


No, Mixer doesn’t work on PS4. Hopefully someone recorded it.


Possible lead?

Edit: I hope he changed the PW.


wow wow owow wowwow

What the hell is happening… I just sleep a few hours, wake up and here’s the HYPE TIME !!



You must have missed the time when we all voted to have the next phase of the ARG strictly going at Canadian office hours! I know I did… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Did you also have a vote on likes that I am not aware of? Because it is 8pm here and I am already running out of friendly hearts! :grin:

So here they are ! :blue_heart::green_heart::yellow_heart::orange_heart::purple_heart::heart:

I am so ready to know moooore!! I hope @bcatrek is motionless waiting for the postman just NEXT to his letter box! :rofl:


AFAIK, @bcatrek is working today. I doubt whether he’ll have time to do anything major until this evening.


The cellphone background looks the same as the satcom-70 site!
Woohoo I found something on my own ! :rofl:


There’s also a number at the top of the cellphone screen right : 243579


Hey guys! Yea I’m sorta working today, most of it from home so I can still monitor stuff. And no there’s still no word from the postman! :laughing:


But now… how are we supposed to know what the code is?

Something that hasn’t come up ?
All the packages has to arrive? will there be different audio files, to tell us what happened aer the one we have?


I think only 2 of the four Dev kits have been received. So hopefully the puzzle will be clearer then