June 14th-June 19th - Uplink App Update In Progress


Things are about to happen …
STATUS command just updated to the following:

Myriad just updated as well:

Discussion topics for each dreamer are being created by our wonderful @Emily. You can find links to them below:



Eun Ha


loop16 as well testing sim process


Been really looking forward to the satcom update, as I feel it is going to be pretty darn interesting.


lets go :slight_smile:


Myriad and WT are about to have a ping-fest. Warm up your minds and keep em safe. Don’t want W/ARE to take it.


Transcript by Discord user Saviour:



Was just about to post an image of this :joy:

Poor Bob is Mia… Then who is feeding our dear friend Mr/ms.noodle and posting on IG? The plot thickens :joy:

Edit: at below, thanks @JoeyST :blush: we all owe you one


You’re all welcome. Let’s GO! XDLOLCALLEDIT


Emily is quite talkative on Reddit, replying to several posts


She’s discussing the mistaken sexually identity of Ms noodle now :joy: and posted a picture of the little dote :heart_eyes:


Wow, it does my heart good to see Emily interacting with people again like she used to. Just wish it was on here instead of Reddit. Come back to us Emily!


Adorable! :joy:



Funny that she can’t predict when the download will complete. Using past data, my simulation says it will be Friday evening!


Emily is gaining speed :sunglasses:


If W/ARE killed Elizabeth, I hope Emily crashes all their servers :rage:


Does anyone remember if there was ever a WT ARG character list made? I thought I recall one from last season, but I can’t find it.


If you play the audio in reverse, you can hear Emily say “Identify the Dreamers. Good Luck”


Edit: there may be something in the middle too? Something protocal? at 8 seconds in the reversed file.


Flashbacks of the bio-feedback days when we all ran home with a new LP and spun it backwards on the turntable. The idea was that bio-feedback was registered by your brain as you slept.