Patient Intervention Thread - Eun Ha


This thread is for discussion, collaboration, and speculation about the dreamer Eun Ha. If a special task is required to help this dreamer, it will be shared in the Patient Support Thread.

Please try to keep off-topic chatter to a minimum, thank you!

Patient Support Thread on Reddit
Satcom-70 Uplink Dashboard

Patient Intervention Thread - Phillip
June 14th-June 19th - Uplink App Update In Progress

you mean Eun Ha not Phillip


Nice catch!


Your welcome, i know you must be tired :heart:


Is it nprmal i don’t see her on the dash ?



Apparently we need to be all over the internet:


Any special tasks are going to be updated on the Reddit side only- having the big tasks only in one place makes things easier for me coordinate :blush:


On a side note: Eun Ha never even showed on my dashboard. I understand she is not willing, but others have connected to get at least the profile pdf. Not quite sure I am doing things wrong or missing out on info


Picture and file would suggest a dream catcher bracelet of some sort needs to be supplied to their thread


Can anyone provide an image on here of the journal?



Last two pages with credits to @johnnycloud, as I totally missed those.

Eun Ha - Info and Knowledge database

Thanks for the bracelet pic. I can’t view PDF though, so a JPEG would be appreciated.

Edit: Devilin got it, thanks!


Sigh. Reddit and I don’t like each other. :disappointed_relieved:


So, having to put the bracelet in the pic means no cheating…and the antique store is closed for the day. I know where I am headed in the morning. :blush:


At least we know who’s the crying Child Philip can hear.

About thebig bug she saw

this bug can live in Taiwan.


@kerdorin but Willows live on the northern hemisphere apparently


Taiwan is not New Zealand either :wink: It is North hemisphere.
But Taiwan is not a clue. Only the willow is, and thiis big bug is a possibility.


Sorry I thought you wrote THAILAND. (which has tropical climate) @kerdorin
it’s late and I’m tired :slight_smile: