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Will do Emily!

Good to again. :slight_smile:


Emily! You’re finally back, we missed you!


I missed this place, too! Although it looks a little different than I remember :slight_smile:

Phillip should be ready to go! Have at it.


Welcome back Emily :hearts:

I am unable to connect to Phillip on the Dashboard. Any specific instructions to get it to work?

Edit: Never mind, working now!


We change the paint since last summer yes :smiley:

Do we know the country where Philipp is from ?

Connected TO Philip!
Boy This is Good
EDIT: He’s The 6th Dreamer in the Satcom Site

So Philipp is nervous and agitated and we do not know how he will react under pressure.

[details=Interview log] CONNECTION STARTED
Emily : Loading Interview Simulation. Stay put, I’ll need your help to make some decisions.
Emily : Here’s Phillip. I don’t know much about him.
Emily : Usually, the TV Interview simulation is impressive enough to make even the most secretive person talk, so this could be our entry point.
You : I’m ready
Emily : Regulating lighting…
Emily : Rendering spectators…
Emily : Loading microphones…
Emily : Hi Phillip! I’m Emily! Glad to see you with us tonight.
Phillip : Wow. T…There are really a whole lot of people in here, aren’t there?
Emily : Take a seat, please! Relax, and enjoy yourself.
Phillip : Those people, who are they? Where are we?
Emily : Alright, some people can be pretty phased by being put in the spotlight. I suggest we continue like this to judge if he can adapt.
You : I suggest we try to make him comfortable
Emily : Alright. It’s his first time after all.
Emily : Don’t worry, they don’t exist, they are only part of the simulation.
Phillip : The simulation?
Emily : I know you don’t want to be here. You just need to trust me. I’m trying to get you out.
Phillip : I…I don’t understand.
Emily : Just be honest with me when I ask you questions. Deal?
Phillip : Only if you are honest with me, too.
Emily : Do you have questions for me?
Phillip : Are the spectators real?
Emily : As I said, they are virtual. Only to stimulate your mind.
Phillip : Thank you for the clarification. I was definitely worried.
Emily : What were you worried about?
Phillip : I know there are other people here. I can hear some of them.
Emily : What can you hear, exactly?
Phillip : I can’t hear anything clearly. I heard shouting. A child crying.
Phillip : I can’t hear anything clearly. I heard shouting. A child crying.
Phillip : I guess some of them found a way to speak together. I didn’t manage to do that myself though.
Emily : You were nervous about finally meeting them?
Phillip : I think I was just wondering what would be more maddening.
Phillip : Being scrutinized by people I know I’m stuck here with maybe forever.
Phillip : Or simply knowing that I could be forced to become an audience extra in their own interview simulation.
Phillip : Anyway, I’m glad they’re all fake. Ask any question you want.
Emily : Alright, Phillip. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
Phillip : What do you mean by that? You want to ask simple questions or like…get all personal?
Emily : Where do we begin?
You : Simple questions
Emily : Simple questions first.
Emily : Ok, so, Phillip. What do you do for work?
Phillip : Nothing really special. I work as a mechanic at the family garage.
Emily : Is it fun? Do you like it?
Phillip : Well it’s not how I envisioned my life, to be honest.
Emily : He seems to have a lot on his shoulders.
You : Ask about aspirations
Emily :What’s holding you back from being who you want to be?
Phillip : This is getting pretty personal, don’t you think?
Emily : So let’s get personal.
Phillip : Well, my name’s Phil Moretti. Born and raised in New York City. Never left. I don’t know what else you want me to tell about myself. I’m really not interesting at all.
Emily : We’ll get to it, Phil, no worries.
Phillip : I get it.
Emily : Are you married? Do you have children?
Phillip : Two young boys. And a beautiful wife. I knew her since high school.
Phillip : She’s the one that asked me out!
Phillip : Damn, she must be raising hell to get me out of here right now.
Emily : So…married with children.
You : Ask if he misses his family
Emily : Do you miss your wife and kids?
Phillip : Obviously, I miss them terribly. What kind of question is that?
Emily : Woah woah, rewind.
You : Excuse yourself
Emily : I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it that way.
Phillip : I miss them terribly. I’m just scared I’ll never see them again. I would never forgive myself.
Emily : Did something happen?
Phillip : I don’t know if I want to talk about it.
Emily : Help me get you out of here.
Phillip : Alright, alright.
Phillip : I had this stupid dream, you know.
Emily : What are you talking about?
Phillip : My father owned a business, my grandfather before that. All self-made man.
Emily : Weren’t interested into taking back the family business?
Phillip : It was a garage. I’m not remotely good with my hands, I found it boring as hell. I wanted to do my own thing.
Emily : This is getting interesting.
You : Agree about the decision
Emily : It’s totally reasonable for people to want to pursue their dreams.
Phillip : Finally someone who gets me.
Phillip : For as long as I remember, I dreamed of opening a restaurant.
Emily : And how did it turn out?
Phillip : It was……fine, I guess, at the start.
Phillip : Lots of customers, I was constantly working.
Phillip : But, I mean…I was starting my own business, I knew it was risky, I knew that the workload would be terrible.
Emily : Was your wife supportive?
Phillip : She said that she trusted me.
Emily : You seem like you had a fine thing going.
Phillip : A fine thing indeed.
Phillip : I put all I had in it.
Phillip : Lost it all.
Emily : I’m terribly sorry.
Phillip : I had it coming, I guess. I jeopardized my family’s well being for this. Serves me right.
Emily : That’s rough. That poor man.
You : Ask about aftermath
Emily : So, what did you do? After all that, I mean.
Phillip : I went to work at my father’s garage.
Emily : Was it sustainable?
Phillip : I owed a lot of money to a lot of people.
Phillip : Martha stayed by my side the entire time, I couldn’t believe my luck.
Emily : She still trusted you?
Phillip : She trusted me to get our family back on track.
Phillip : I didn’t want to disappoint her ever again so I was ready to do whatever it took.
Emily : So you found a solution together?
Phillip : A solution, eh.
Phillip : We needed money.
Emily : We’re getting closer.
You : Stay silent
Emily : …
Phillip : …
Phillip : She was the one that persuaded me to register as a goddamn guinea pig and got me stuck in this shithole.
Phillip : We…we saw an ad and…
Phillip : We left for Sacramento five months ago. Two days before Martin Luther King Day.
Phillip : That’s the last time I saw my children.
Emily : Thank you, Phil. Take some time for yourself. We’ll talk again later.
Phillip : I don’t know if I’ll be able to do this again.


Philipp Moretti born in New York City

His wife, Martha stuck.with him.despite his failed restaurant. He has 2 kids. Martha made the choice to go to Sacremento, around 5 months ago. 2 days prior to MLK day.

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Dreamer 2 is Online.


Apparently there will be a separate thread for each Dreamer


Dang! I couldn’t connect.

Aye. And This one looks like the Last one that we’ve to build to.
It’s all Locked.

So I am a bit confused…I think I am trapped in the simulation…Once the interview is over, then what?


Philip Moretti

Family’s garage business - me no wanna

Starts a restaurant - goes to shits

Goes back to the family business but joins W/ARE to pay off debts

Experiments starts January 13th in Sacramento


Code are not:


Ok so I took a few notes about Phillip and here’s what I got:

-born and raised in New York City
-2 kids, wife named Martha (wife asked him out and makes big decisions)
-doesn’t like making hard decisions and lets wife make them
-opened restaurant which worked for a while, until made bad decisions and owed a ton of money
-wife insisted for Phillip to go to Sacramento and test the W/ARE headset for money, which what got him stuck
-left for Sacramento 2 days before Martin Luther King Day


It the date provided for 2 days before MLK day in the format of the patient file so 2018/03/13