Patient Intervention Thread - Simon


This thread is for discussion, collaboration, and speculation about the dreamer Simon. If a special task is required to help this dreamer, it will be shared in the Patient Support Thread.

Please try to keep off-topic chatter to a minimum, thank you!

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Patient file

Simon Patient File in images

Video background:



Password is Beatrice

Finally found one first :smiley:

He talks of his grandmother with a lot of emotion, down one path he mentions her username is Trix1952, in the other he mentions Grandma Bea, so from there I tried Beatrix, which didn’t work, but then I tried the alternative spelling of Beatrice and bingo!


He is special, Twitch streamer lol


Hes playing the best game ever!


Woot! Way to go!!
And thanks for sharing how you finally broke the code. Perfect Post! A+++
I tried Trix1952, Grandma, Grandma Bea, Streamer, Gamer, and researched the Non-Sterile Environment bit, until finally … Ah! I figured it out LoL


Grrrr…my Miriad app has crashed and won’t work anymore. :angry:


What’s up with his eyes?
Edit, I just noticed his exosuit is recharged with salt, lmao


Look at that computer too long, your eyes will turn square?


Well, per the patient profile note- all the suits are recharged with sodium

Oh no! :persevere: I’m sorry @Mad-Hatter


Well they imply his was the only one to drain on arrival, and to use if needed on the others.
Edit:I’m forever running out of likes, you are all liked!


When I was a kid I thought if I sat too close to the TV I would get X-Ray eyes…lol. So I sat really close because I thought that would be cool. Maybe he has been doing the same. :rofl:


If these suits are an indication of new player models, every time someone comes to visit me I’m going to run away. :scream:


Well if they don’t include a pvp opt-out… that may be a good idea


Simon hits way too close to home for me. He’s a Let’s Player, and he recently lost a family member who was his biggest fan. For me, it was my mom, she was one of my first subscribers and she would watch my videos and tell me about them. She was also one of the few people I could talk and really open up to.

Also, it’s odd that I suggested Beatrice as Alexander’s wife’s name back when we were trying to solve “Burnt hay and B…”. Are they reading our comments to get writing ideas for the other dreamers?


Sorry to hear about your mom… Stay strong


I right away thought of you as well when having the conversation with Simon. Felt uncomfortable, knowing your recent story. You have my sympathy :hugs:


Well, thankfully, unlike him I DID finish college, have a day job, and am not a sore loser.


Sodium to recharge the suit? Are we getting a resource overhaul?