Patient Intervention Thread - Simon


I don’t feel they were taking a shot at youtubers and streamers of NMS…I think they designed Simon to kind of show us they are aware of all the things that could go wrong with unrestricted PvP…sore losers and petty streamers that would set their audience after someone who beat and/or cheated them…as some people totally would be cheating. In fact the streamers of a NMS where PvP were unrestricted would be very public targets…since you know…chances are your coordinates would be quite public too…and then you’d have people try to avenge you and/or protect you, and then who do you trust and who’s trolling you to get close for an easy kill…and things could easily spiral out of control even without you necessarily doing anything wrong/petty.


Sodium doesn’t make sense as a suit power source any more than iron makes sense as a pulse drive fuel…ohh right. :upside_down_face:


Hahahahahaha…I have no idea where the sodium mention came from but that would be truly hilarious…to have salt powered players…just as proper multiplayer arrives…oh that would be an epic way to make fun of all of us lmao.

EDIT…oh, right, that came from the patient file lol…it might be just a joke in the ARG…though we might all be getting trolled by HG if this actually happens. :joy::joy::joy:


Of course the science crowd will scoff because almost any substance (including iron and salt) if ground up fine enough can be a fuel but this is in the same vein as fossil fuel type ignition.
I can’t imagine our suits or (ship for that matter) running on a combustion type engine. :upside_down_face:


I’m pretty sure this is just a joke…the question is whether the joke is on Simon specifically(as he does seem to be the very salty type) or on all of us when NEXT launches lol.


Interesting thing, though. Yes, finely divided iron will burn in enough oxygen. And we’ve no real idea how NMS spaceship engines are supposed to work.

In any kind of nuclear process, however, either fission or fusion, iron is the one (and the only one) substance, that’s practically useless. Anything lighter than iron will release energy in fusion. Anything heavier than iron will release energy in fission. But iron itself doesn’t release energy either way.

It is fairly dense, though. I suppose you could vapourise it with something like hydrogen fusion, and use it as reaction mass.


Yeah, given I cannot understand how iron could be used as a space fuel, I decided it is possibly a little joke play on words: iron/ion such as suggested in this article… which is a theoreticaly viable power source for spacecraft.


Right. I must go and ion some shirts…


Isn’t it Ionic? Don’t ya think? It’s like rain… On grand unification day.


I’ll drink to that :clinking_glasses:.
Oh hang, on I can’t… ion the wagon :rofl:


We’re drifting off topic here. The Mods will come and be mean to us.


The only possible handwave I have come up with for iron-powered engines was that it’s used as remass in a kind of railgunish sort of way. Would be the most energy-inefficient rocket engine ever imagined, but it would produce thrust. And also a lot of damage when taking off from a space station…

The only alternative would seem to be solid rocket fuel, like the space shuttle boosters, who do in fact burn a metal mixture, mostly aluminium if I’m not mistaken. Iron would be somewhat ill-suited for that too because of the high ignition point, but should work. The problem with solid rocket fuels is of course that they can’t be throttled. The engine burns until the fuel is gone. Which doesn’t fit NMS very well either.


As far as I know there is no such thing as an iron-dust powered engine. It is a utterly useless possibilty that has no real world use due to massive inefficiency issues.


Then again, it’s a game, it doesn’t HAVE to make complete sense


Of course it is. :grin:

While generally I agree, in my oppinion there is quite a large gap between “making complete sense” and “completely not making any sense at all”. I still have no idea why they changed it from thamium to iron. Thamium is purely fictional, but at lest it’s established in the game world as “something that can be used to produce energy”…


He thinks he has allergy if not in a sterile environment, maybe pathophobia ? We’ll see with the next discussions.

Anyway, we now know what is the “sodium level” on the dashboard. It’s not patient level but exosuit.


Does anyone else find it strange that he seems to actually like Mike, the Guy with the attitude!!


Not really. Almost everything of consequence he says appears to be a lie.

He says he has no siblings. He says he lived alone with his mother. Yet he says he’s missing from most of the family photographs. They wouldn’t be family photographs - they’d just be pictures of his mother.

He says he plays single player games. because he doesn’t want to meet other people in a non-sterile environment. He says this is because of his allergies. But a sterile environment won’t protect against allergies - only infections. And in any case, he’s not going to encounter allergens or real people in a multi-player game.

The guy appears to be either a compulsive liar, or an extreme fantasist.

So we possibly can’t believe what he says about Mike, either.


Well, there’s a reason you can’t use your pulse jets near space stations, freighters, or within atmosphere


Hmm! perhaps a Walter Mitty type of character, he has some sort of real life with his Mother, but would rather live his life through his game playing, and at times getting the two mixed up, and he has possibly caught on to the fact that Mike could also be hiding behind that kind of persona. Do we actually know how old Simon is, keep reading back and cant find a date of birth, didn’t go to College so I suspect in his 20s, it is also very obvious that Emily has a soft spot for Simon! I would like to know what was said in their first meeting for her to feel this way, and what is she not telling us!!