Patient Intervention Thread - Claire

This thread is for discussion, collaboration, and speculation about the dreamer Claire. If a special task is required to help this dreamer, it will be shared in the Patient Support Thread.

Please try to keep off-topic chatter to a minimum, thank you!

Patient Support Thread on Reddit
Satcom-70 Uplink Dashboard


Let’s get it!

Damn. Already? How are we supposed to keep track of all these people! :scream:

A little girl? Seriously? For shame W/ARE :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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The password for the first one is “Olivia Pierce”


@Tezu: I edited your reply to make it show as a spoiler. Let’s give each other some time to investigate and have a chat before showing the answers for all of us to see within a couple of minutes of becoming available.

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I edited it myself just prior, cause I noticed I forgot to tag

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All good then :wink: Thank you

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It seems both Claire’s and Alex’s events are simultaneous
Any word on location yet?

I think there will be an event involving all the patients. The next node is an event in every one.

EDIT: Except the iteration guy.

That was quick I only just got it from HATE branch linking to it

I know where a bit slow Emily but that one taken the mick

It looks like it’ll only be Alex and Claire, as Eun’s next is an extraction, and Phils is undated

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Came to share, but you are much quicker than I am!

Patient file for Claire:

Patient file as images

Uplink App video background:


Well, that one was easy, especially after Alexander :slight_smile:

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Be careful. :wink:

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Woot, Woot!
Yes! Thanks for the spoiler blur cuz I just noticed the new thread.
Also, may I request, if someone breaks a clue, could you please also provide an explanation as to how or why or what or when or where… rather than just blasting the answer. :tired_face:


I am intrigued by the note in the patient file. My interpretation is the suit was projecting the outside rainfall for the dreamers, visually. This resulted in an increase in Cortisol and the suits getting wet inside. “Non-organic increase in mositure”, so they didn’t pee in the suits. Must have been an extreme hazard acid rain planet!

Cortisol is released when we wake up in the morning to prepare the brain for stress or in response to stress with low blood sugar. So some of the dreamers thought they were in a rain storm and it scared them? Or the visualization and accompanying emotions almost drove them to wake up?

I would love to participate more, but I’m driving this truck 9-10 hours a day everyday two to three weeks at a time. The few times I do post or reply are when I’m driving(yea yea, I know). But I’m enjoying some good reading and getting an education.


We got both codes already, but thanks for the suggestion