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This thread is for discussion, collaboration, and speculation about the dreamer Alisha. If a special task is required to help this dreamer, it will be shared in the Patient Support Thread.

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Patient file


Haven’t gotten chatting to Alisha yet but here’s some info from patient file.

  • She has tried not to hurt people but may have accidentally without knowing.

  • Never thought of killing.

  • Saw a flower in the rorschach, a special one but would not specify.

  • Has lied but only to protect her children.

  • Not daily either, just when necessary. Said its common for all mothers to do this.

  • described as a sweet old woman who’s easy to talk to

Also, looks like we’re getting a little sassy with Emily :blush:


The code for chat 1 is Sandy Hewitt, which is the name of her daughters best friend that was apparently kidnapped when they were children


code for chat 2 is Vivian and Veronica

They were her twins who never made it to birth


Blur all that -
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Sorry, forgot the tag on the last part


Hmmmm… this was very revealing about the suits.

It mentions that the suits only have slight variations although they function the same.

It also mentions that the backpacks and “attachment harness” have “significant stylistic variation”.

Nice. :sunglasses:


I went for the full Grannie experience because of course I did!

She has cats, her children never visited her in the home you recreate, she likes true crime stories, her daughters friend went missing as a child and was never seen again so that’s probably where her interest in these shows stem from.

Part of me is wondering if this girl was abducted for nefarious experiments, like early experimentation with echoes etc but it’s probably completely unrelated.


Now on to Element 6 maybe ? @Emily ?


I would say element six might unlock last during next week’s extraction event.

@Jupiter.blues below, I’ve always had the impression a trailer would be the last reward, just before launch. Since release, HG have only released trailers on the day of an update or as with last Summers ARG, we received an in game photo and then received a trailer shortly after, possibly on the day or night before Atlas rises hit.

I would assume the same is happening this time too. We might get a proper screenshot of new ship and suit, followed eventually by a trailer on launch day.

@DarkbyDesign below, you know what maybe you’re right, element six could be this weekend and be a screenshot :slight_smile:


With only 10 days away… we need atleast a solid trailer. @Emily

Come on. 10 days away anyways. Might as well.


I was hoping it would follow format 1 reveal every week, leaving the big trailer next week after the extraction, but with this thing who knows


A mother. Great…
Welp. Now, I guess we just sit back to basically witness who survives and who dies. Fun Stuff. I don’t think the last element will be anything major. I do agree with @DarkbyDesign if there’s a trailer, I hope it’s after all the mobic death crap.


Maybe Element 6 will be the trailer?

Alisha Patient File as images

Alisha suit

Alisha background video


This was nice but now what? We have six full days until the extraction event and nothing left to do with the dreamers until then. I hope there’s something more in the next six days.

Also element 6 hopefully unlocks today or tomorrow.


Emily did say we’d have more chances to talk one on one with the dreamers, or at least it was a possibility they were looking in to. So we could even be doing that in the lead up to the event. Perhaps this is how we can help those with corrupted data.


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