Patient Intervention Thread - Isabella

This thread is for discussion, collaboration, and speculation about the dreamer Isabella. If a special task is required to help this dreamer, it will be shared in the Patient Support Thread.

Please try to keep off-topic chatter to a minimum, thank you!

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Satcom-70 Uplink Dashboard


Here we go!

Patient file


She is fun, my lady lol

She’s fun but we don’t learn that much. The few details we have aren’t the passwords. Or i missed something.

I managed to find out she’s lesbian and she was extremely offended when an old lady at a park asked whether she and her girlfriend were sisters after they kissed…because that’s something to be outraged about apparently. No idea about password.

Well the code is Route 66 - that’s a reference to the trip she wants to take from Illinois to California


Ah, I saw the roadtrip conversation but no mention of that solution…was that something you figured out from outside the conversation or was it mentioned in one of the branches?

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Its just a famous road she would have taken to get there, I tried pacific coast highway first


Fair enough…she does seem to be in trouble though…that one conversation was likely all there will be for her…all the other nodes are irreparably damaged and the white bar under her name is full…pretty much like Tariq who also only had one conversation. With about 10 days left on the ARG I figure the last character we’ll unlock will not be corrupted and we’ll have a community event for this weekend…unless they want to end this portion of the ARG this weekend with about 9 days left until NEXT which is also possible…we’ll find out tomorrow I guess…either this ends this weekend or it goes on another week.

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Yeah my guess is those with all the corrupted nodes are going to be tough to get out safely, so I agree she is in trouble.

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More interesting to me is we got another couple snippets about Emily: she doesn’t like the sound of people eating loudly and doesn’t like pop/rock.

Other info we have gotten on Emily previously: She is afraid of heights, she had a nightmare recently, and I know I’m missing some other details from past conversations. Think those will be important later?


A definite possibility, as she presumably will be in the sim helping us extract.

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What about Mike? Does he have any other conversations left or is the rest of his corrupted as well? (I can’t access the dashboard)


Mike is all corrupted too…I think that we won’t be able to anything more for him…we’ll have to see if maybe there will be something they will allow us to try during the extraction event for them but Mike and Isabella seem to be in trouble.


My guess is this weekend will involve Nina. She seems likely to attempt to reach Simon, which could result in her death.


That would require A&S to open up a node that shows as broken…not impossible but I doubt that’s where they’re going. I suspect some sort of emergency intervention community event for the 12th person or the ARG ends this weekend…which is not impossible…maybe HG want to have a week to properly promote NMS NEXT for the Xbox launch…which I hope is the case.

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This may be unrelated, but Sean Murray just tweeted a picture of old computer discs with one labeled “corrupt”.

Edit: They are Samsung phone chips.


We had the security event and Tariq died without a node opening for him. I hope I’m wrong, I don’t want Nina to die, I want her and Simon to get out and make nerdy babies :wink:


I saw that too and I wondered if it was related to the ARG…but we have no puzzle for which that might be relevant yet…could be handy during the extraction event if they go for that this weekend…maybe they can allow us to try to repair corrupted nodes in some way and save some of these people who are in trouble now?

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Same lol. Of all the people with corrupted nodes I really want Nina to make it out.