Patient Intervention Thread - Isabella


He tweeted that literally seconds before Isabella came online


He tweeted it soon after midnight in the UK, on Friday the 13th. It would be more interesting if it was the 16th.


looks like five corrupted drives and their cases…that’s how many living corrupted characters we have right now(not counting Tariq since he’s dead).


Isabella’s solution was Route 66 and tomorrow being friday the 13th…they could be going for a horror theme.


Was Route 66 a horror movie?


No it’s like an irl highway I think…I was mostly looking at the number…66 is regularly associated with horror themes.


Route 666 was a horror movie (not a very good one).


It has about a million urban legends attached to it.
Google haunted and the name or spirits and I bet you get something.
I don’t think they are going that way however,


One more thing about the tweet, its text is a sleeping emoji .

Corrupted storage and a sleeper. :sleeping:


Before Waking Titan started, Sean had a tweet where he said “You fall asleep with your face on a mirror, and wake up in your dreams. An app but its evil” So obviously the falling asleep is about the W/ARE device and it’s evil because it trapped the dreamers, but what about the mirror part? Mirror was sent as a message in the ARG twice when it started up again, but we still don’t know, what is mirror?


Isabella’s exosuit, also the thread with the exosuits has been updated


Had a similar thinking, skipped it and overthought as always. Good going!


Here is the tweet just so everyone can see it


Any guesses as to what the word following Corrupt might have been?

Going of the swirl at the bottom right of the letter it could be an uppercase L or maybe a D.

Prob just corrupt drive or disc.


Probably Corrupted Data…five corrupted hard drives and we have five corrupted living subjects to try to help…somehow…if we even can.


I thought Dreamer, but those make sense as well.


I think BW from DM21 made a good point about that tweet


Looking into the Atmos drives that are in with the Samsung, they have multiple things going on with ssd and hdd interchangeable hardware that seems to allow multiple format drives. Looking at that, it seems the drives might be related to the dreamers as some are empty plates with the hardware not attached. The one that says corrupt is definitely a Samsung though, it has the same arrow at the bottom on the drive as the others.


I am pretty sure that the tweet is not ARG related. Probably just an exasperated Sean at HG HQ where they are putting together last minute tweaks to Next and have some corrupted drives.


Samsung SSDs