Patient Intervention Thread - Isabella


Sean HAS tweeted pictures relevant to solving ARG puzzles before…this would not be a first.

Isabella Patient File as images

Isabella suit

Isabella background video


Okay, so let’s assume that the drives relate to the dreamers corrupted data. Myriad has removed the corrupted data (by removing the drives) from the network. Whilst these are removed there is no way to extract those dreamers. However just because they are corrupted does not mean that the data is not retrievable. Maybe we will be required to solve some kind of puzzle to extract usable data from the drives so that they can be re-installed back into Myriad network to help save those dreamers.

For example - (other recovery tools are available)


Something is happening on the map!!

White dots

4 white dots, did someone noticed them?


I don’t see them.


Nice one as always devilinpixy, I think at this stage it would be rude of somebody else to post exo suit and dreamer videos :blush:

@arpoja I’m on mobile so I can’t see map like on desktop unfortunately, so can’t confirm the white dots.


I saw one blinking in Finland, another one just above South africa (Capetown) and one near the spanish coast, for appoximatelly 10 seconds


Wouldn’t it be hilarious if it turns out that we’re
really the final dreamer? Or if the extractions all lead up to a giant exosuit technology reveal! I’m so excited for NEXT! These ARGs have blown my mind with how much detail they have and they’re truly an intersctive experience.




Dots again!!


I don’t see them


Gosh! Why am I the only one to see them? I’ll try to capture one of them


Breadcrumbs on your tablet :grin:


I just missed one!! I see it near africa!

keeps blinking




Don’t know what to make of Emily! sometimes she is ok but just now and again she gets a bit uptight about little things, as with the song that Isabella likes, its not about Emily, but her input to free the Dreamers!! I thought she was in fact some sort of AI, but computer programmes and Bots are not supposed to relay feelings, so in fact does she have a physical body? or is she a hologram within the simulations!! I cant seem to separate the two notions!!


In staying long enough i saw the african point. Nothing near Finland.

The place could be Annobón. Or, for the mystery, the phantom island St. Matthew Island


I’m seeing a white pulse appear off the coast of Africa too.


This is about the best approximation I can make


There’s one here too…



There is a common point between the 2 locations. the depth is between 5000 and 6000 m

Enough to be called Abysses (more than 3000m)

But i just saw one around the Tenessee…