Patient Intervention Thread - Isabella


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This has got to be one of the best bits of in-game dialogue so far. It deserves a meme:

Emily :
Isabella :
That smell.
Emily :
I know. I’m sorry.
Emily :
Didn’t think it would be that bad.
Isabella :
It really is something.
Emily :
I don’t think I can handle the stink…
Isabella :
Me neither.
Isabella :
I feel like my nostrils are burned from all the manure.
Connection ended


If it’s true they are from July 2017, then they are most likely the drives they have been using for the current orb multiplayer system, which are definitely becoming corrupt based on friends and people online who said they tried to meet up and they couldn’t see each other. Maybe this is a sign that they just finished maintenance on that system and switched out the old lobby drives.


This looks pretty major, I think it should have it’s own thread, mind making one?


White dots: I have seen these already before, like weeks ago. They seem to come and go a little on random and I doubt they mean anything. I’m on mobile now so not sure what you’re seeing exactly, but blinking white dots that disappear relatively quickly is not a new thing on the uplink website I’m afraid…


It should indeed, you’re right Mac! My apologizes, went a bit fast on this one!

Oh sure, I don’t mind it at all!


@arpoja Ohh I might take my previous comment back, if you’re seeing all of these dots at the same time it’s definitely new…


5 in the same time ? wow…


I have actually noticed the servers are a little less temperamental these days as we approach next. Especially the last two days while a friend of mine was playing the game for the first time, nearly every portal journey has been perfect with everything that should be on the other side actually being there, we can always see our orbs and comm balls and monuments, even when it says disconnected from online services. The only issue I’ve noticed thats still persistent is placing comm balls when it says not connected to online services will prevent the comm ball from staying, but that makes sense.


One of those disks has 256 Gigs. Doesn’t sound like something I’d want to put into a server. It would make sense for a worker client or API gateway, but it makes absoutely no sense to have dedicated machines for that. You do that by virtualisation. For that matter, I highly doubt HG would run their own Hardware for their servers. Guaranteeing availability is an expensive problem that cloud infrastructure providers solve way cheaper and more reliably than a small company can ever dream of.

This might still be a batch of disks they received at the studio of course, but they’re certainly not for any servers. Just the thought of building your server hardware together yourself two weeks before launch would be absolutely insane.


From my limited experience, it looks like it could be from the front end of a RAID server array, with parallel redundant SSDs handling the OS, and big mechanical beasties behind them.

I know HG are currently concentrating on server development. Iain Brown appears to be doing nothing else.

Of course, they could have sub-contracted server supply to some cloud service. But that’s both unreliable, and difficult to control.


They certainly not use this kind of disk in their SAN.


I’m working with cloud-based servers every day, and by now the mere thought of having to hassle with actual hardware shoved away somewhere in the basement of our office gives me the screaming shudders.
There is no way we could ever guarantee the availability of our services to the level we are now, or iterate and maintain them at the pace we are doing, if we’d be running our own hardware. And it would still be more expensive.
No, as a small company, running your own metal really is just a bad business decision nowadays…


It’s interesting to hear the other perspective. My experience is from government organisations, where plumbing in a 3 phase supply, and dedicating four floors of an office block to an air-conditioned computer suite was no problem.

Of course, anything we did with IT came with its own support team. Security, reliability, and speed, were paramount. Cost came somewhere fairly low down the list.

I don’t suppose Hello Games have those luxuries.


I have seen 5 dots and if you check the dreamer board now, there are 5 80% defrag uncorrupted dreamers. Maybe a connection? The dots I see show up of the coast of CA, off the coast of Africa, off the coast of Brazil, in Tennessee, and in Texas. Anyone else seeing the same or different? Would it be worth starting another thread for this?


I saw one in England too.


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