Patient Intervention Thread - Claire


I just came back to edit because I scrolled back and reread what I missed.


Damnit, I tried Olivia on my 4th try. If I only I put the last name in… I even thought about it but didnt do it :man_facepalming:


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Looks like the next community event will simultaneously be for a bunch of these characters at once…Alexander, Claire, Phillip…possibly more.


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How long before we can put things that’ll spoil an answer in here? 'cause I find the googling of the answer quite interesting… :slight_smile:


If you solve it or have a clue that directly points out how to solve it use the cog icon in the tool bar to mask your findings.
Those who want a shortcut can use your obscured hint/answer but it prevents others wanting to get it on their own accidentally seeing the answer before they want to.


Claire’s conversation was fairly simple…as long as you pay attention you get the answer pretty straight forward, she pretty openly tells you the source of her emotional distress. You might have to play it a couple of times to explore the branching paths to get the full answer but it’s not hard at all. This one isn’t a nightmare like Alexander’s were, thankfully.


After Alexander, I feel this was far too easy…


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Hmmm… interesting… Could Elizabeth be the girl being bullied for Emily? She confesses to have hitted a girl…


I don’t really expect loop16 to be the same as the Emily that Claire speaks of…I could be wrong but I doubt it. I wouldn’t expect things to get that tangled in a relatively minor side-story…so far the only character with definite ties to the game from the patients we’re trying to save is #231187661T, I expect his/her identity to be the big plot twist as this ARG closes before the release of NEXT…just as Emily was shown to not be a human being but the AI loop16 in the closing hours of the ARG before Atlas Rises last year.


I seriously doubt Claire went to kindergarten with an advanced AI…


I am refering to a teory that says that Emily has been suplanted or went haywire, and was the one that caused the explosion at Sacramento lab that killed Elizabeth L. Now she is confessing that she has been a bully before with a girl. But saying that she has her reasons.


What? I don’t follow what you’re saying. You do realize that the Emily that Claire speaks of isn’t the Emily we speak with, right? Our Emily(loop16) wasn’t involved in any bullying that we know of.

And even the little girl Emily who is/was Claire’s friend wasn’t the bully…it was the other girl.


Emily :
We need to be careful here. We want to know, but we don’t want to make her feel attacked.

You :
Lie to her and tell her you’ve been a bully too

Emily :
We’ve all been there.

Claire :
You were a bully?

Emily :

Claire :
What did you do?

Emily :
I hit a girl.

Claire :
What? Why?

Emily :
I had a good reason…

Claire :
That is crazy, why would you do that?

Emily :

Claire :
I can’t believe it.

Emily :
I’m sorry, it’s just.

Claire :
I don’t care, bullies don’t deserve my attention.

Claire :


I haven’t seen that but I don’t think it’s real…it’s just something she came up with to try to get Claire to talk.


She is lying because you told her to.


I don’t even remember seeing that option but there you go…


I know, I know, it is just a theory. But the way the presented that to Claire seems more of an apology to herself that a Lie. :slight_smile: