Patient Intervention Thread - Mike

This thread is for discussion, collaboration, and speculation about the dreamer Mike. If a special task is required to help this dreamer, it will be shared in the Patient Support Thread.

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Patient file

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Password is Divorce


Aww I came here for that…you’re fast!

Mike is a bit obnoxious. Easy to diagnose but not a very friendly chap.


He saw some weird stuff with the Rorschach test

Nina incoming!

His behavior makes me think he possibly has PTSD :pensive:


That was my first code entry, with variations


All of these patients seem to have dark secrets in their lives. I was wonderinf if his wife died in a boating accident he was responsible for? Not sure if I 'd be comfortable trusting any of them with the responsibility of space travel. :open_mouth:

Mike is very easily irritable and doesn’t seem to like talking to people…he is a former soldier so there’s probably some military related trauma. As far as his divorce goes I don’t see a way to get him to really speak about it…he briefly mentions his ex wife in a couple of bits but nothing meaningful there. Beyond all that he’s allright…he hasn’t done anything wrong and hasn’t given us reason to think he’s a bad person so he’s probably not an evil bastard like Tariq.


It sounds to me like he was dishonorably discharged. I’m not sure what “talking too much” implies. Unless he’s a spy? Or maybe special operations?

Emily :
So… I understand you were a soldier?
Mike :
Emily :
Why did you leave the army?
Mike :
They thought I talked to much.


If he had given away secrets or been a spy he would have been court marshaled and maybe never seen the light of day again. More likely, he didn’t like orders given by a superior and made his point known and was thus seen as insubordinate. He could have actually been a good guy in the situation and was correct in his viewpoint. Of course, this is all speculation on my part.


It’s hard to read much there…it could be implied he may have divulged classified information…though not necessarily on purpose…or he may have questioned authority one too many times…hard to really make much out of that to be honest. It could be just about anything and doesn’t really tell us what sort of discharge he received. Just about anything is still possible with this guy.

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It’s sounding more and more to me like WARE actually told the Dreamers (or their guardians)the truth about their experiment. I figured they lied about it as much as possible.

Do you think that also being related to Joe could be behind some of his issues ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Why would you think that? The dreamers seemed to have been told they’d go into a simulation sure, but I doubt they were told the truth about why or that they might die in that simulation.

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Mike said he knew the risk

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So Mike may have known more than the others potentially but it’s really unclear what he knows or doesn’t know…and it’s questionable at best whether WARE told much to any of their subjects…there are children in the simulation too. The only one with full knowledge about what’s going on is probably Tariq.

Tariq for sure knows more than the others, but why would they tell Mike and no one else?