Patient Intervention Thread - Mike


Maybe he was a friend of the Major ?


Well we don’t know that they did tell Mike or what they told him…he seems like a depressed former soldier not very adequate for civilian life who lost his wife…he might have volunteered for pretty much anything…experimental simulation technology for [insert fake noble cause here].


For sure, and they may have just told everyone what they thought would work. I still find it curious

Mike Patient File as images

Mike background video

Mike Suit


@DevilinPixy thank you for ^ creating these posts for the Dreamers :grin:

I do have a few thoughts about Mike.
His Patient Profile: I find it strange that they disclose Toby’s information on his file.
The conversation: I find Emily’s behavior awkward with this guy. The idea about Major Dubois is uncalled for and probably pissed him off even more.
His military history: I bet he’s Ex Navy… the boat seemed to comfort him.

I’m kinda sad for this Dreamer.


I think this Guy has one big chip on his shoulder, if we could get to the bottom of why, perhaps it would give us a few more pointers as to why he is acting like a jerk!!


Discovered the code word and his defrag went straight to %100, that’s unusual!! still got three nodes and one event to go yet!!


Yeah…the defrag bar is really weird…take #231187661T for example…we never interacted with him/her at all and the defrag bar is at 100%…then Tariq, Mike, and Phillip are all at 100% too despite us only having done one or two of their interactions…it’s not very clear what that bar is supposed to mean yet.


Sorry! that should read four nodes, no event there!! and no extraction either!!


Ok so checking all the Dreamers Stats, four just have 1 node left which is the Community Event! (Alexander, Claire, Toby, EunHa.) … Phillip has 3 nodes left which are all corrupted Data!.. Tariq and Mike both have 4 nodes but looking at them tells me we might have to make a choice of some sort, because there is a couple of different icons in there having two ways you can go, and now Nina has joined with the same nodes as these two… Thoughts?!!


So far, it seems that those who have their bars full but nodes still remaining are suspect or somehow less joyfull than the others we are close to extraction with. Maybe a cause for concern is the reason? For the best instance I see Tariq and he starts off being interrogated. He’s aware of it and the circumstances are apparent that he might be guilty. A explosion happened in the facility, me thinks its related. The others who cannot see the next nodes might have similar problems. They all show exosuits too, but are all of them patients?


The ones with 100% are the dreamers who have corrupted data. The other ones are the dreamers the CSD have managed to completely defragment, and prep for extraction.

In other words, CSD had completed 80% of the uncorrupted nodes on the normal people, with the final extraction node to go. CSD had completed 100% of the uncorrupted nodes on the locked dreamers.


he is aware that he is in a simulation

I’m Emily.
Mike :

Emily :
And you’re Mike, is that right?
Mike :
Emily :
Nice to meet you Mike!
Mike :

Emily :
I’m starting to get annoyed. He’s pretty rude.
You :
Confront him, he’s being rude
Emily :
Excuse me Sir, you are acting very rude.
Mike :
Look, lady, it is what it is.
Mike :
Now leave me alone, I think I could enjoy it here if you let me be.
Emily :
What does he mean here? Should we press him on the subject?
You :
Dig deeper
Emily :
Do you mean here, as in this boat… or the satellite?
Mike :
Both. It’s better than home.
Emily :
What’s wrong with home?
Mike :
Home is fine. Home is just better off with me being away.
Emily :
Can you tell me more?
Mike :
Look, I won’t sue. I knew the risk when I signed up for the experiment. It’s the whole reason I signed up actually.
Emily :
Sorry, I’ll leave you some space.
Mike :
Thank you.


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