Patient Intervention Thread - Claire


Follow this choices:

  1. Ask her name
  2. Agree with her
  3. Ask her what those reasons are
  4. Lie to her and tell her you has been a bully too.


I gotcha, I interpreted it as not having a ready backstory for the lie :grinning:


Yeah I really don’t think there’s anything there that’s meant for us to read that much into…Emily doesn’t even elaborate, there’s no emotion there…just what you’d expect from a lie…“Why? Because…uhhh…reasons.”


Ok, then… Well, I find it interesting they used Olivia Pierce, after googling the name… :slight_smile:


You could be on to something…looks like a bionic human of sorts…her friend Emily and Olivia Pierce could be something different…coincidence seems unlikely.


But she’s a character in another game, DOOM to be exact. I would not think A&S to do this, unless it was from one of their games maybe?


Sure, obviously not the same Olivia Pierce but I definitely think that this is meant to give us an idea that something more is going on here.

We’ve seen loop16 grow meaner too and her attitude toward Alexander was a bit bully-like…it could be that loop16 too has fallen under the influence of an evil character and this is just a parallel meant to give us a hint.


I think it’s just a shout out.


Or she could have been responsible for creating the original Korvax

We may never know


New job for Claire


I need your help in encouraging Claire to be more friendly with us. She’s visibly upset about everything that has happened in her short life. The Myriad archive team visited Claire’s house and her mother let them search her room, it was full of comic books. Most of them were in near perfect condition, some were even signed by the artists that created them. One seems to have caught Myriad’s eye. It was a framed special edition written by Dave Gibbons. Based upon that information, I think we may be able to encourage her to be more open with us by sharing a common interest.

What I need you to do is to create your own comic books! Each of your comic books will be a huge help in earning Claire’s trust. Here’s some specifications:

It can be as many pages as you like
The theme of the comic should be “returning home”
Keep it G-rated
Submit it in a PDF format
You can work in a group if you prefer
I’m giving you all until 11:59 PM UTC on Monday to submit your comic books to me here on reddit.

Thank you so much for your help! I can’t wait to see what you all come up with.

NMS-Inspired Visual Art

new event


I was just coming over here to give you guys a heads-up! You’re all so on top of things. Thank you, again, for all of your help and expertise!


can i be cheeky and ask when reveal 3 will finish downloading ?


Well that’s not going to work…I have less than zero artistic skill…a rock can draw a better comic than me.


My drawing is ok I guess, but I always have trouble coming up with decent sized stories quickly enough to help. Especially for this theme. Mine are always adventurous, even if not heroic or actiony. I could easily do like a paragraph and a picture, but that wouldn’t be much use, much less be in the compilation or the top voted. That’d have to be multiple pages. I’ll see what I can do tho.


No vote for this event but possible to work in group so if you can make a part there are certainly others who could complete.

I can’t help for this one, absolutely no talent in drawing.


We have some talents in here. And we’ve got until Monday.


And those that can’t draw can write story, or dialogue, or design formats. Dave Gibbons needs researching, too.


Fair point. I’ll see if I have time to get something out together for it.


yes, let’s tell the story of a traveller who wanted to return home, called Artemis and… hem, maybe not the best idea hu :rofl:


Nice one. :clap: