Patient Intervention Thread - Claire


He was brought on board to help create art for NMS comic for special edition. He was brought on board with another writer and both worked on the comic together, they also had a hand in the lore but to what extent is unknown and unsure if gibbons just provided art for the comic or if he helped with conceptual and story stuff too.

He’s most notable for working on the Watchmen graphic novel with Alan Moore.

Thats all I know from top of my head.

Edit :here’s a link to a story about it

And here’s a direct link to the official video on no mans sky lore released before the game launched


I also note that waaay back, he had an involvement with Nasty Tales and OZ - now they were edgy. You’d go to jail for publishing that stuff nowadays. In fact, some of then did, even back then.


This is a job for @TravelEcho.


Yup! and @Cybercyrus


Of course she is. She’s a teenager! :smile:


Heh. Kids these days… :wink:
Happy Birthday! :cake: :cake: :cake:



I dunno… What’s the deadline? lol


My stick people don’t even look like stick people. Drawing is definitely not in my skill set.


can be as many pages as you like
The theme of the comic should be “returning home”
Keep it G-rated
Submit it in a PDF format
You can work in a group if you prefer
I’m giving you all until 11:59 PM UTC on Monday


She never mentions drawing, just creating - you could use a photo editor and just morph pictures you take in your neighborhood to whatever style you want.


Hmmmm… thanks for sharing this. I’ll look into that.


Thanks @SingularGleam! I had “comic book” tunnel vision.


I’m going to smash one out real quick, can I post it here for fun? I’ll post on the reddit page for entry.


Go ahead. Might give us ideas (I swear I wont copy though!)


Here you go, it’s very kiddy - don’t be too harsh
Comic for Claire


Love it! :grin:


I literally just read that while browsing on Reddit. :yum:


That would make an awesome Children’s book! Very cool! :heart_eyes:


We did an indie game jam and now we need to write comic books. Is Hello Games trying to turns us all into them?


Seriously - inspired!

Some talent there.