Patient Intervention Thread - Claire


@SingularGleam Well done. I love it!


Here’s my comic for Claire. I call it “Space is NOT my HOME!” All but the last image are in game photo mode from NMS.


Nice. Post it on Reddit!


I love it :grinning:


Cool except for one thing…that’s not Emily, that’s Elizabeth…or rather was Elizabeth…RIP.


I didn’t really notice, but you are right.
I still love it.


That’s not Emily? Wow, I did a google for her and that was the cleanest image. Has anyone got a link to a pic of Emily? I’ll change it!


Loads of clear pics of Emily from her early vlog days, I’m out to lunch atm so can’t source any for you but her full name is Emily Warren so try search Emily Warren and waking titan, she has red hair(my kryptonite) :wink:

Actually had this one handy on my phone to attach, this is the lady you’re looking for


Here is the vlog Emily


Only good ones I can find are these two:



Thanks! I used the Missing poster. Will have it reloaded in afew minutes.

Changed it. Here’s the new link:


Make your choice in the 4 vlog


I tried to do that but there’s never really a good moment to get a screenshot in the video because she never really goes full screen…you can crop out the extra but it’s still going to be a fairly small image.


That is beautiful! So heartwarming. If I was Claire I would wake up for sure after reading that.

You guys are so awesome!


I just realised I didn’t reply to this. Deadline too close for me. I’m way too slow. If something sparks I’ll give it a go. Thanks for the appreciation!

I saw that someone @SingularGleam did an 8-page pro comic in less than an hour though. Pretty cool what some people can do in what is to me an incredibly short time.


I decided to give this a whirl, used the first simple comic app my searches yielded.

Have uploaded in pdf format here

Please let me know if viewable etc, not sure of sharing via Google drive.

Also here it is in a jpeg format for those who cannot access pdf from their devices.

Will post to reddit shortly :slight_smile:


Looks good, the version in google drive is out of order for me though.
Edited for clarity. The pages are there, but not in the same sequence as the pics here


Well done! :heart_eyes:

Would it be possible to use a light outline around the words in the last page to make them stand out more from the background picture? (Please? for those of us who have visual problems)


I like the message too, helpful for Claire and optimistic for Next.


I was trying to do this as its usually a simple feature on such apps but it gave very little control over the font, no bold or outline options or background colour. The background bar on the top font on the last image was actually a glitch with the program, for some reason when I highlighted the text the highlight remained.

I tried to recreate it for the bottom text but the glitch wouldn’t work again. I also found out that eventually the text objects get flattened to the image and can no longer be edited once it autosaves. I’ll rework it for you though :slight_smile:


Is that any better now?