Patient Intervention Thread - Claire


Looks perfect on google drive, nice job


Aww… You sweetie! :heart:

I downloaded it and enlarged it 1000x in Irfanview and I could read it good.

Good luck with it. I love it!


Much better thank you! <3


Thank you! I appreciate that!


I played with the free version of Pixton so I decided to make a short comic too.
That’s not amazing (far from it :joy: ) but I wanted to particpate even with a terrible talent in drawing :scream:

She likes sci_fi so i kept the general form with space and super hero., and just change letters from names

@Emily, you became Wonder Mily and wear a mantle :blush:


Absolutely tremendous. I’m a fan of Wonder Mily already!


Fun super hero comic! Claire should love that one too! :heart:


Great job, go Wonder Mily!


Grea! Bw sure to post it on reddit! That’s where it counts!


Here is a single page colouring comic for Claire:

Here is a viewable jpg:

If any colourists here wants to give it the “Marvel” treatment, feel free.

Also could one of my interloper friends here upload this to Reddit for me?


Posted to reddit for you, made sure they know its from you :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! :heart:


I think that’s the planet I made my base on. Nice job :grinning:


Welcome back to Reality

Image version


Idk if it’s just me, but page 4 said it had a file error and didnt show up. It looked cool from what I could see though. Good job!


Reload…works fine for me…also try clicking on the words “Image version” too for an alternate way to see the comic.


The reload worked. Thanks!


This community is awesome. There are so many talented people here. And working together , sharing ideas and hearts is what makes this place the only place to be. Cheers to everyone!

To all the actual artists here: be kind I had to “cheat” since I can’t draw!

Out of the Dark - Issue #1 - The Journey Home


Excellent. And the ending “Grah” is hilarious :smiley:

@BlackIris in the communlity we are probably more numerous unable to really draw than next DC comics artists and your story will be very helpfull to Claire, a hopeful one…


Ok, let’s try to wrap this mess up.
I’ve been busy for several day (Univeristy and similar).
We are looking after this patients (which gives us clues on nms).
I assume this patients to be the dreamers.
As usual we need to figure out riddles and similar to understand things.
Did I miss anything?