Patient Intervention Thread - Claire


GRAH! Is certainly the appropriate response to a PvP attack. shortly followed by angry screams of DEATH! DEATH! DEATH! :smile: (Somehow, GRAH! has managed to supplant “WAAAAAGH” as my go-to warcry in a surprisingly short time).

Only the little bit about two currently ongoing community events involving drawing comics to convince claire to come home and phoning up radio stations and requesting they play one from a list of songs for Alexander. :wink:


Sounds oddly lighthearted compared to the general tone of the arg.
But still.

And yes, GRAH is the only reaction humans should have when engagin pvp


Grah was perfect response to pvp alright, good show @DevilinPixy

I’ve used it in real life situations so many times, and you don’t feel like you’ve just said LOL in a sentence so it’s def a keeper!

WAAAAAGH, eh? Me thinks you spend too much time with Gork and Mork :slight_smile:


Good job interloper! Grah!


Looks good, Claire is getting a bunch of comics coming her way!


I enjoyed that! I’m sure Claire will, too! :heart:


I certainly would not call that cheating! It’s beautiful and heartwarming in story, style and execution. Thank you! :heart:


This is my comic for Claire. Already uploaded to Reddit.


Not fair, to leave us in suspense like that…


Nice use of the exosuit, good job! I need a conclusion though :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Guess we will find out if she made it to the building or not soon enough.



Please… I want… More!

(Cliffhangers! GRAH!) :wink:

Nice pencils!


Thanks. Been a long time since I’ve done any drawing.


This is the best thing @DevilinPixy .
Also, I was the 16th like on it, woohoo!


Okay, at last I have used my Google Drive for the very first time Graaaagh!
Thanks for all the advice. Pictures now in the summary to stop cluttering too much.


This has been a huge learning curve to get text on top of the coloured pictures. A huge learning curve full stop.! Thanks for the Google Drive tip guys! I think I now know how to upload pdfs… I just need to learn Libre Office! Graaaagh!

Below is the pdf version of the pictures above which may be easier to read.


This site does not allow PDF’s. You can make a link to one or do what I do, take screenshots and post those. :upside_down_face:@DevilinPixy could tell you more.


Nice one :+1:


Seems like most people use Dropbox or google drive, you upload to one of those and you will have a link you can share.


Finished my comic with a few hours to spare. Had to knock it together quite quickly since I have spent most of the weekend camping on a field with no signal.

Just loaded in to Reddit. Be kind :grin:

Here’s the link:!%20Home!.pdf?dl=0&m=

Could someone confirm that it opens for them please. It’s the first time I’ve used Dropbox to share a file.


There are some people here who avoid reddit, do you mind posting the link here as well? Thanks for posting the link, works for me.