Patient Intervention Thread - Claire


Works. Cool comic.


Forgot to say I like it, upvoted at the other place


That’s really nice @toddumptious and a lovely message too.

That would make a nice greeting card @TravelEcho ! Great! :slight_smile:

It’s great looking at all these. I love it @JoeGattis Patient Intervention Thread - Claire

“Just mining my business” LOL That did make me laugh @DevilinPixy . You shall officially now be buried under under a lump of Iron for your wonderful comic timing… Very clever. Patient Intervention Thread - Claire

I like your stylised comic, reminds me of the X-Files episodes @BlackIris Patient Intervention Thread - Claire :slight_smile:

I just discovered your comic @SingularGleam That’s really, really nice. Now all I need is the soft toy of the bug-eyed monster!

Love those colours and the story Mr @colvr4 A lot of work. I like the figures style too. :slight_smile:

That’s excellente Mr @Kurv Patient Intervention Thread - Claire I really like your last four little frames following the path of the sentinel. Nice ‘animation’. Nice scripting too.

Being nosey, I just discovered your tip-toe into the world of comics @ScienceofArt That was marvellous.

Actually I really enjoyed how you explored the trees and the leaves. Emily was unexpected. I shall think of her very differently with that image of her in my head now. Yikes. I won’t even mention that other thing…woaah! Stuff of nightmares… A lot of thought went into those drawings hope you do continue experimenting. How about a nice still life of No Man’s Sky Flowers NEXT (and maybe a bit of sunshine?) :slight_smile:

Emily has kindly posted Claire’s collection of comics and there are a lot I missed. It’s great to see them all! I wonder what Claire thought of them all and what do they say about us? I think she’d find them a lot of fun and us haha, I certainly do. Now available through the uplink dashboard but here is the direct link.

Everyone has put so much effort into all these ARG things and those unable to find time or just following what’s going on and adding the odd comment short or sweet have been so supportive and to this whole unfolding event. I’m astonished and think you’re all great! Even Cobra TV for his extraordinary Elvis loves Alex song I roared with laughter at that! Sorry if I have missed anyone’s slowly trawling through all the work that’s been going on!


So there was a lot of focus on Alexander and his songs getting completed and submitted but Claire’s event ends today too…do we know anything about how many comics they wanted to consider this a success or how many have been submitted or anything? For Alexander it was a bit easier to know as there was a checklist of songs so presumably all of those performed by a station each would be enough.


I count about 17 comics submitted to Reddit. I assume we’ll have to await Claire’s response to find out if this was a success or not.

Same goes for Alexander when it comes to it resulting in success. The task seemed a lot easier with a known list of songs. With the way radio has changed, availability and popularity, this task was in my opinion actually not as easy. All submissions for radio requests have been submitted as a nice Soundcloud playlist.

For both, submissions are closing today at midnight UTC. We can only wait to find out what happens next … If anything, I doubt we failed, we did great!


No, I didn’t mean to imply that Alexander’s event was easy by any means, just that it was clearer what was required.


Honestly I don’t think the amount of comics really mattered, it was more a fun activity for everyone to try and take part in if they could, whether they got one comic or fifty, I think it would help Claire.

As for Alexander, Im not sure if having all the songs requested or some matters either. I think they gave us a large list of songs simply because they’d foresee problems gettinf some requested, so the more eggs and baskets they give us, less chance of failure.

More comics and more songs just means more brownie points and more fun for the community to have making things.

Creativity seems to be a very big theme this season :slight_smile:


We certainly had that! (at least I did!) :heart:


I had a super busy weekend but I have always wanted to try and make a comic. I am an artist but I have never tried anything digital. Sequential art is a whole other skill set from what I am used to doing. I wish I had more time to work on it, it was fun!

You will probably have to zoom in on it. I only had time for pencils so it is pretty light. I think I might need some different tools to do ink anyways. Also one of the characters looks scarier than I thought it would be so be warned. I would probably redo that if I could.

I barely made the deadline! Could someone post that to Reddit for me, it would be appreciated. Thank you!


Will post for you, consider it done!

Nice work, even though your time to work on it was limited.
I would love to see you work on it some more, even if just for all of us here to see.


Awesome, thank you!


Really nice work, you should definitely continue this work. Amazing art by all involved really, major kudos to the community on this latest round. Thank you, everyone!


Very nice!


For those who’ve not yet done it, You have around 1 and a half hours to complete and submit your comic.


Please continue this story. It is excellent!


Update from Emily - posted on reddit

UPDATE: I’ve given Claire your comics (by the way, they’re awesome!) She’s really flattered that so many people would take the time to make something for her, and she’s agreed to talk with us again very soon. Right now, she’s going to spend some time reading through your stories, and when she’s ready to talk again I’ll update it on the Dashboard. Thank you so much! This worked way better than I ever could have hoped.


The Dashboard for patient Claire now has a link to all the comics Claire has been reading. It’s a really nice collection of eclectic comics. Hop onto the Myriad Satcom Dashboard and click through to Claire’s Mode 3 community event button. That links to Emily Warren’s upload of the entire comic collection in one place for everyone to read with your torch under the bed covers!

Here’s the direct link to Claire’s Comics

Maybe Claire will let her guard down a little now and perhaps open up to us a little to reveal something wonderful about her NEXT adventure… :slight_smile:


Bet Alexander has a link too.
He does


Oh okay, cool beans! Eun Ha’s past community Event links to the bracelet collage, too! :clap:t2:


@Emily how is Claire coming along with the comics, will she be ready for moving forward tonight ?