Patient Intervention Thread - Claire


I just finished reading all of Claire’s comics. Everyone did such an amazing job! :clap:t2: This community is filled with incredible artists.
I’m not trying to show favoritism. However, I really would like to express that I love
@johnnycloud art stye. I think it’s so beautiful!

I tried to attempt a ‘Pop Art’ comic, but I couldn’t pull it off in time. If I find the inspiration to finish it in the future. I’ll definitely share it with everyone.

If I could give one critique, it would be that I wish that we could add a thumbnail to the Google Drive that would sorta work as a book cover. I mean, Alexander has the album cover. Also, this would provide better sharing capabilities to other platforms.


@emily she must b really enjoying those comics, we never heard anything yet ?


Claire is active, two conversations available.


She mentions having a grandfather…could that be Alexander? I’m grasping at straws here…not a lot sticks out…she had a broken arm and was in the hospital for six hours and other family members had severe health issues they lived through…no real details. I don’t really want to try the rude options towards her to be honest so I don’t know if maybe some big clue is hidden there.


She misses her dog. We should try to find out it’s name.


First Conversation down broken arms doses count route - thanatophobia - Fear of Death


wow so quick well done that man


Nice of you to pick up on that…I though nothing of that because honestly…who isn’t? It seemed like a perfectly normal thing for a child who’s been through what she’s been through with her family.


Sophia… :eyes:…could it be Dubois?


2015/07/07 - it is the date her father left


Only just got it but it didn’t work first time I entered it :thinking:

Father Left Tuesday after Independence Day nearly 3 years ago


Didn’t work because it wasn’t on that day…it was three days later, the following Tuesday…she mentions that.


I knew it was a date but I couldn’t pin point it. How’d you come up with the day & year, please?


She mentions her father left three years ago, the Tuesday following independence day. So independence day three years ago was July 4th 2015…and looking up a calendar from back then, the following Tuesday was July 7th 2015.


She mentioned it was the Tuesday after the 4th of July 3 years ago.Googled July 2015 for a calendar


now what happens ? it mentions a stream community link, is that tonight ?


Not likely…we don’t know when that will be but now we have three people ready to be released…Alexander, Eun Ha, and Claire…hopefully it will be one event to release all of them at once.


Oh! LoL! I missed the 3 years part. No wonder… thank you :grin:Great job!


So, Claire had a friend named Emily and her Moms name is Sophia. Just coincidence?


Yeah…sure seems like something is off here.