Patient Intervention Thread - Claire


Do we know Claire’s last name?


Claire Sandfield, from the Patient File


The file says Sandfield but we don’t know when or if her parents married so her mother’s name could have theoretically changed after she was born as Sandfield…which would make sense for an unexpected/unwanted child…which we know she is. We also know Sofia was very young when she had Claire so she might not have been able to marry until after she gave birth.


Anyways, she’s probably isn’t Sophia Dubois’ daughter as she didn’t seem like saving the dreamers was super important to her in Log3022


Unless she blames claire for her split, and hates her for it


But doesn’t it just seem like there’s more than coincidence going on here? I mean…what? Did A&S just run out of names all of a sudden? It sure seems like something is up here.


No…that’s most definitely false…Claire clearly states her mother said she wouldn’t change anything.


That’s a common lie, told by those who put more stock in their relationship than the children born from it


You wanna talk about it?


Nothing to talk about, I’ve seen it a few times before.


What I’m thinking of is what if Sophia Dubois has been compromised…she could have reported WARE for taking Claire but didn’t know where they were at the time and probably wouldn’t have been able to save Claire…so she may have been blackmailed into working for WARE. And sure we took them down…as far as we know…but what information could they have got before? And there may yet be another cell working with that information…somewhere. Or Tariq may be able to do something against Emily with that information.


Wasn’t there a memo before saying that someone within the Atlas Foundation was working against them? This could be it…Sophia.


Or maybe Claire’s memory has just been affected by being linked to Emily and the names changed in her mind.


To be fair, it’s Sophie Dubois but still very similar

Sophie is the diminutive of Sophia though…


I find that doubtful…I don’t think A&S would do something this suspicious to end up being nothing…the entire story around Claire’s birth seems to have been greatly detailed too. I feel like a few things are coming to a head here with the ending of the ARG…how could WARE be confident they have control over Emily if they had no access to any information about Emily and her systems from the Atlas Foundation? I really feel like something is up here.


I think that most of the Memos from phase two and onward were from Sophia Dubois.
It’s mainly when she’s communicating with Emily (or, maybe it was Elizabeth… I can’t recall) that she accepts Sophie.


loop15 was the program before Emily? Does Emily even have loop15’s memories? Possibly, but is it ever clarified? Superlumina was experimenting with scanning of human minds and so on…could Claire have been in a simulation before and that’s how she met Emily without Emily remembering it? Some things don’t really fit very well together but I feel like the spy working for WARE within the Atlas foundation could easily be a main ending plot twist and we don’t exactly know of a lot of people that had access to the sort of high level info WARE would have needed for everything they did.


I don’t expect any reply to this at all but oh well, doesn’t hurt to try:

@Emily Do you have any information on whether Sophie Dubois has any children, whether she is or has been married and if so what was her maiden name?


The names Sophie and Sophia have been used with her interchangably.


In fact Sophie is the French speaking form, not a diminutive. Idem for Dubois (very common name) so Sophie Dubois can be french, canadian from Quebec.