Patient Intervention Thread - Simon


This reminds me of a recent episode of Reverie. This guy was an ace computer hacker and never left his house. Turns out he had a phobia (which is a common theme with these dreamers) He was afraid of most everything. He couldn’t stand the color blue, bright lights, to be touched, etc…I can’t remember if the disorder had a name in the show.


What he said about Mike matches up with what Mike said about himself though. Mike said he was booted from the army for talking too much, and Simon said Mike was too chatty for his tastes. That doesn’t really match how Mike acted toward Emily, but maybe he doesn’t like to talk to AI.


Dang, did he reveal that he was ex-Army? I guess I totally overlooked that. I was thinking ex-Navy, because he seemed to find comfort in being on the boat, like it was familiar to him.

@sheralmyst, LoL! Good thinking. I looked it up. It was episode 4. The character Glenn, struggled with agoraphobia and compulsions.


Simon update, more chats available


1st conversation

Guild of Adventurers


For the second conversation I figure it’s gotta be related to his mother practically disowning him…but we can’t get him to say much.


For Simons other chat its interview - he mentions changing a clock so his brother would miss an interview for a job, as he didn’t want to lose him


Hmm, I saw that and tried a few things there like Alex, brother, etc…but I would have figured that since his mother was not acknowledging him, that would be a bigger deal…the only parent he ever had.


Second conversation is interview

Simon and his brother Alex stayed up all night playing video games. It was late. Simon didn’t want Alex to leave. He[Alex] applied for a job overseas. It was his dream job. He missed the interview because Simon changed the time on the clocks. Simon wanted him to miss his interview. But, Alex found out. They haven’t talked to each other since. Simon blames himself.


Oh thank goodness! I just found the longest list of phobias ever…tried about 6 of them. Do you know fear of long words has one of the longest names I have ever seen? :sweat_smile:
Thanks for figuring it out!


I didn’t try that on it’s own was trying so many phobias and issues he had and stuff around that part


I know, this one is a tricky one. :wink: I swear I must have tried 50+ things.


Simon had a friend in high school named Nina. Could it be the same Nina or could it be the simulation altering his mind? You all said coincidences aren’t an option.


He also has an Alex - obviously not the same one in this case, but is this a sign of corruption? Maybe some data is leaking back and forth between the dreamers. There have been a few now with similar/same names in their life.


No, the Alex friend WAS his brother. He said he lost contact with Nina and Rajit after HS, but didn’t say that for Alex because that’s his brother.


I get that, I’m talking about the other dreamer Alexander when I say not the same one.


Well reuses of names are starting to happen a bit all over the bloody place…and that in and of itself is suspicious…it may not be what we previously thought but could still be something. For multiplayer to happen the boundaries between simulations would have to fail…and the minds of these people are corrupted. It could be that everyone’s memories are starting to intersect and mix. One thing is for sure though…something is definitely up with all this…it really wouldn’t be that hard to come up with unique names for characters only intended to be heard of once.


Oh, true, I forgot about Alexander. Yes, definitely not the same guy, and very suspicious similarity.


Is there degradation in their memories, either from time spent in or the corruption? Maybe Emily is filling in the blanks.


At any rate, it looks like we have an event with Simon, tomorrow: 7/6-7/7