Patient Intervention Thread - Simon


That’s weird, we did all 3 conversations for him, why is there still an event needed for Simon?


Seems suspectious in this case. In his image he has a mask on, its apparent near his cheek to his chin. He uses wording like “tact” instead of “speech” or something more personal. His after school thing had the four of them but, the teacher that brought them there in the first place wasn’t number 5? He’s not found of people due to bullying but he streams and when he knew it was a simulation, he didn’t even guess one of those in the park might be another person in the simulation. He knows, like the others that there are some who are also there but why doesn’t he stop to think these aren’t simulated people but actual people? With “tact” and “sizing people up” as direct verbatim, these aren’t emotionally connected; just practical, like with a manipulative approach. He’s been bullied, this is normal but when it was personal to the extreme degree, it tore him down in a rather destructive way. With eczema he might have had this problem more than just in highschool as its a skin condition that can be persistent through young age to older. Just a guess on this one, but he seems like more is at heart here. “Your just like the rest”, not living to mom’s expected life choices, and he sees this not as a simulation for medical or anything like the others, he sees it as a challenge. Maybe the mask is him hiding to get out, a way to beat the game. To look at another, there’s another suspicious thing. He said the one in the army that hardly spoke to us even to verify his name was “too talkative” but not sarcastically. Out of the 10 awake, 2-3 seem off to me. Just, a personal guess.


Honestly, he doesn’t strike me as the thinking type. Somehow I feel little Toby is more mature than Simon.
Although I have to note that Toby’s behavior is highly unrealistic for a 5-year old.


It’s not the thinking process that bothers me as much as emotions with the thinking. If he’s wearing a mask in the simulation video like I think; maybe it’s his unconscious mind showing what his true self might be? Toby I would agree on maturity as well as most of the others. Yet, if someone comes to a point where their emotions hit a wall and maturity turns into a physiological problem; the mask he wears might also be not just limited to the simulation. He says he streams but he has problems with crowds and criticism hence the feelings when Emily does something ahead of him. To be extreme, sometimes physiological instances have people thinking of “fans” when they leave notes behind in very bad circumstances. Could be very wrong, but on a hunch, something seems very off with Simon.


Why are the code words getting easier to fathom out, and why do I get the feeling that their subconscious minds are being fed with the names of the other Dreamers, there are far too many coincidences going on here!!


I get the feeling that Simon was an unwanted child, and he has had a pretty rough upbringing, a Father who walked out when he was two, and a Mother who obviously didn’t want him around, hence the difficulty he has making any lasting friendships, was probably thought of as a geek by his School colleagues! and definitely prefers his own company!! I don’t think he is actually worried about getting out of the simulation!! Noting his reaction when Emily said “We are running out of time”


Another possibility for sure, good thinking. His fans might be a associated desire for approval/acceptance?


Has anyone tried “Sociopath” for Simon?


I didn’t see your post last night. I was thinking I was first to break/post the code for this one. :rofl: Way to go! And hey, at least I did figure this one out myself. :grin::muscle:t2:


No…why? Does it do anything? I mean it can’t be a conversation password as we got all of those.


More a comment on his personality, although I did try it.


Agreed, no idea why that would tried for a password for his nodes, but the term is in line with my first statement/guess


I’m not seeing a mask. To me, that’s the shape of his face.


Yeah…that and the weird way in which his face is represented using blocks…I don’t think there’s a mask there either.


I think I’m having trouble keeping up with everything, so thanks for letting me know all the passwords are done.


Do you need any of them? Here: 1st Beatrice, 2nd Interview, 3rd Guild of Adventurers


I must be strange, I keep seeing Garry Oldman!! when I look at his image!!


this ingame drop at 4pm edt should tie in with Simon’s event


Was an event for Simon confirmed to happen today?


There’s a Precon Status Change Thread 07/06 that I can’t figure out how to share via mobile. I think it’s being assumed that this is the ‘event’- the next node for Simon- that’s consequently happening, today.
I’d say it makes sense if it’s an in-game live drop, like in the past- because of Simon’s passion for video games.