Patient Intervention Thread - Phillip


Another thing I found interesting is the fact he heard a child cry. Not sure if this will become important, but it may considering they can hear fragments of the other dreamers.


A child yes. Maybe a child is stucked too.


Thank you so much for the transcript. I cannot access the dashboard on PS4 so it is good to at least be able to read what is happening.


Haha you’re welcome Mac :grin:


Philip and the other dreamer are wearing different exosuits. Thought it was worth mentioning.


Sorry for asking… but what are we supposed to do after we gather enough info on Philip?


This guy has low self esteem and does not like crowds…so why did he want to run a restaurant?
Or is this the result of failure?


No, not really - he says he’s OK with people, but he doesn’t like THEM. And he’s useless as a mechanic.





But he does seem to let his wife make the decisions.


Is it odd he specifically mentions he left two days before Martin Luther King Day?

Edit: Jan 13th seems to be unremarkable.


Numbers probably mean something…


We need to figure out the activation code to move to the next step.


I’m not able to connect on my phone. But, I can on my desktop.
Here are a couple screen shots for those that are on different platforms and can’t participate:

Main Screen:

Meet Phillip!!

Hope the photos aren’t too horrible. But- it gives y’all an idea of what’s happening.


2018/01/13 Got it!


Emily : Alright, some people can be pretty phased by being put in the spotlight. I suggest we continue like this to judge if he can adapt.
You : I suggest we try to make him comfortable
Emily : Alright. It’s his first time after all.
Emily : Don’t worry, they don’t exist, they are only part of the simulation.
Phillip : The simulation?
Emily : I know you don’t want to be here. You just need to trust me. I’m trying to get you out.
Phillip : I…I don’t understand.
Emily : Just be honest with me when I ask you questions. Deal?
Phillip : Only if you are honest with me, too.
Emily : Do you have questions for me?
Phillip : Are the spectators real?
Emily : As I said, they are virtual. Only to stimulate your mind.
Phillip : Thank you for the clarification. I was definitely worried.
Emily : What were you worried about?
Phillip : I know there are other people here. I can hear some of them.
Emily : What can you hear, exactly?
Phillip : I can’t hear anything clearly. I heard shouting. A child crying.
Phillip : I guess some of them found a way to speak together. I didn’t manage to do that myself though.
Emily : You were nervous about finally meeting them?
Phillip : I think I was just wondering what would be more maddening.
Phillip : Being scrutinized by people I know I’m stuck here with maybe forever.
Phillip : Or simply knowing that I could be forced to become an audience extra in their own interview simulation.
Phillip : Anyway, I’m glad they’re all fake. Ask any question you want.
Emily : Alright, Phillip. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
Phillip : What do you mean by that? You want to ask simple questions or like…get all personal?
Emily : Where do we begin?
You : Personal questions
Emily : Let’s get personal.
Phillip : Well, my name’s Phil Moretti. Born and raised in New York City. Never left. I don’t know what else you want me to tell about myself. I’m really not interesting at all.
Emily : We’ll get to it, Phil, no worries.
Phillip : I get it.
Emily : Are you married? Do you have children?
Phillip : Two young boys. And a beautiful wife. I knew her since high school.
Phillip : She’s the one that asked me out!
Phillip : Damn, she must be raising hell to get me out of here right now.
Emily : So…married with children.
You : Inquire about his wife
Emily : So she’s still the one making the hard decisions?
Phillip : Yeah, she was always like that. That’s why I loved her.
Emily : Did she have to make some of those tough calls lately?
Phillip : Yeah…
Phillip : Not her best call to this date.
Emily : What happened?
Phillip : I don’t know if I want to talk about it.
Emily : I think we got something.
You : Respect his choice
Emily : Are you sure?
Phillip : Yep, definitely sure.
Emily : Maybe if we press him a bit…
You : Empathise
Emily : I know it’s hard for you to tell me all that but I need you to help me get you out of here.
Phillip : Damn it.
Phillip : …
Phillip : Alright, alright.
Phillip : I had this stupid dream, you know.
Emily : What are you talking about?
Phillip : My father owned a business, my grandfather before that. All self-made men.
Emily : Weren’t interested in taking back the family business?
Phillip : It was a garage. I’m not remotely good with my hands, I found it boring as hell. I wanted to do my own thing.
Emily : This is getting interesting.
You : Agree about the decision
Emily : It’s totally reasonable for people to want to pursue their dreams.
Phillip : Finally someone who gets me.
Phillip : For as long as I remember, I dreamed of opening a restaurant.
Emily : And how did it turn out?
Phillip : It was……fine, I guess, at the start.
Phillip : Lots of customers, I was constantly working.
Phillip : But, I mean…I was starting my own business, I knew it was risky, I knew that the workload would be terrible.
Emily : Was your wife supportive?
Phillip : She said that she trusted me.
Emily : You seem like you had a fine thing going.
Phillip : A fine thing indeed.
Phillip : I put all I had in it.
Phillip : Lost it all.
Emily : I’m terribly sorry.
Phillip : I had it coming, I guess. I jeopardized my family’s well being for this. Serves me right.
Emily : That’s rough. That poor man.
You : Inquire about causes
Emily : How did it come to this?
Phillip : What happened, you mean?
Phillip : I made some bad decisions.
Phillip : I think I wasn’t ready, but it doesn’t matter right now.
Emily : Is it really that simple?
Phillip : Yes, unfortunately.
Phillip : That’s all you’ll get from me for the moment. I need to rest.
Emily : Thank you Phil. We’ll talk more later.


Another thing, #231187661T is fully defragged, Philip is at 0%.


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my fellow interloper, welcome


Alright, we figured it out. The code is: 2018/01/13
EDIT: Phil is getting defragged. Prepare for the next node.