Patient Intervention Thread - Eun Ha


I know what it is, same here :wink: And it’s not in the middle of the night that i’ll make a bracelet and take a photo outside :sweat_smile:


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Nevertheless, if you post your entries/photos here, I can post them on Reddit for you and write your username in a comment or something, so that you get the credit.


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Does our friendship bracelet have to look like that one or can it be different?
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Welp, stuff keeps getting darker. It’ll be some piece of work getting her out of there. She might feel a lot more comfortable in there than out here…


Yeah, she has not had a very happy childhood.


You can now View Patient File on the dashboard


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Oh My! I’m having the hardest time keeping up with all this. :crazy_face:

Edit: It’s my own fault. I like to appreciate and study things.


We have til Sunday to make a friendship bracelet and take a pic…yeah, it is a lot to explain. :blush:


From the patient file:

“…the patient is receiving direct bone-conducted verbal feedback…”



Had the same question… :scream: google bone conduction headphones :hushed:
The vibrations travel through the air to our eardrums. … In bone conduction listening, the bone conduction devices (such as headphones) perform the role of your eardrums. These devices decode sound waves and convert them into vibrations that can be received directly by the Cochlea so the eardrum is never involved


Could this be a clue that Eun is deaf?! Maybe we need that info!


Actually, come to think of it, she said she could “hear” the man snoring in her journal entry, but that was in 1997, so maybe she became deaf after that? Or maybe the bone-induction is just something they have to do to communicate with people trapped in their dreams by a headset.


Could you edit your post when you have a moment to include the other couple of pages? That would be wonderful to have them all collected here :slight_smile:


I am not sure what other pages you are referring to, but maybe I missed something?


Copied those two images to my post earlier. Thanks, I totally missed those.

Do keep in mind, that information is not always found at the same time and can get spread in a topic. I do however agree that it would be nice to keep things together where possible.


Here’s the bracelet we made tonight… in front of our old dusty mirror. (Also posted in the Eun Ha Reddit thread)


I made the bracelet and stars in photoshop, the willow image is from google. Not exactly going by the rules. :sweat_smile: