Patient Intervention Thread - Eun Ha


That’s perfect it’s a Simulation after all, simulated pics should be fine to jog ones memory


I like how you think!


Emily i see what’s happening here, the information we are gathering is from ourselves, we are the dreamers locked into the game(simulation) the info we’re trying to get is the same info you have gathered from us via the Old Gods tests and surveys

You have made a entity of us used by our own freewill by answering the very questions we did when all this began, it’s the same ingame when we first visit the abandoned buildings, we are the returning visitor and #231187661t was the first to go in

Very clever to let us end the Simulation by bringing ourselves back out and into Next, so in fact you don’t exist, we are the Old Gods, none of this is real Emily or the Atlas, we’re only looking into a mirror of ourselves in the past

#Odvinsko :wink: it’s the only thing that can reach the Center

Chose free will people


Trying to catch up a bit here…
Are we to make things from suplied dream imagery and photograph them?



I wish I had the time to participate as I would like this weekend… since I won’t have it, I’ll still throw my help in as best I can.

I did some research on the name…
For starters Kwan Eun Ha is a female Korean name.
Kwan (Surname) = authority or power
Eun Ha or Eun-ha (given name) = Milky Way Galaxy

Don’t everyone concentrate on it but I would say the starry night and/or her name (possibly written in Korean) in dust on an old looking mirror might be helpful in getting an emotional response from Eun Ha.

Additionally, those items which drew emotional responses in her writings would probably be the things that would best help us now.

(For those that know me, I’ll be back soon… )


Here’s a couple for someone who is on Reddit to use… I’m not.
Just happy to join in & contribute.

(daughter made the bead bracelet, brother made the paracord bracelet and the naturally dusty mirror is in the back of my shed)


Posted these in the Eun Ha reddit thread. Made this bracelet couple months ago for my wife. Got my daughter to hold up the mirror wearing the bracelet. Had to dust the mirror in corn flour. Edited the photos in Microsoft photos using the “Mercury” enhancement. Seemed fitting.


Not possible, she has more than 20 years old now.


Hey guys wow, I missed all the madness by like twenty minutes it seems.

Welcome home @Emily :slight_smile:

now let’s get those dreamers back to theirs

So I can’t access the dashboard on my phone and requesting desktop site just crashes my browser, thanks to everyone for posting and sharing pics and details on our collective findings.

Just a quick question about friendship bracelet, does it have to be an actual traditional friendship bracelet of two woven threads or can it be any bracelet so long as a friend gave you to remember them by?

Cos you see the profile pic I changed to like last week? That’s my Atlas tattoo with a bracelet a friend gave to me before emigrating.

What were the chances this would be the next task?

Will I submit a new photo in mirror or do you guys think maybe it’s not acceptable?


If your photo is in black&white nobody will blame you to use an existing “remember bracelet” :wink:


These are the images I’m going to post on reddit, antique store mirror and jacket on wet dewy grass


It’s a beautiful pic!


Just a quick comment on bone conduction: The skull is an excellent boom-box as far as our own ears are concerned. Just put a pitch-fork on you chinbone or cheekbone and you’ll feel the frequency resonating as if the sound came from within your head. Bone conducts sound and confuses the ear as to where the sound comes from. When I first read that thing in the journal I was like "of course, that’s a smart way to do it! :smiley:


I am having issues signing up for Reddit. Could someone on Reddit post this for me?

Thank you! :heart:


Done my friend :wink:


Should the words on dusty mirror photo use Korean for Eun ha (“silver river” = Milky Way)?

Maybe reflect Milky Way in dusty mirror too?


When asked if they lie on a daily basis, their answer was very reminiscent of something Null might have said. “Everything I did, I did for self preservation”.

Tried talking to dreamer via phone, managed to get the introduction with Emily but browser crashes after. I need better tech :joy:


Just for the record, I am a her but, that’s okay. :wink: :blush: Thanks for posting the pics! :hearts:


Can i confess something here? I always thought you were a guy.