Patient Intervention Thread - Eun Ha


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@Clemm I think that 은하 is ok (galaxy) That’s what i’ll do if i can find dust to put on a mirror.


To be honest I don’t really expect any of these dreamers to turn out being Null or anyone else in the game. I think by the time this is over all these dreamers will either be free or they’ll be dead.

New wave of Atlas Pass v4 to be sent

Doing things just for self preservation really doesn’t fit Null’s theme though…Null did things for recognition, to try to impress the Atlas…he was more a show off, not a minimalist trying to survive kind of dude.


“So I did what I had to do. I survived in the face of eternity.”
"The things I had to do to get here… the things I had to become… "
“I – I did what I had to do. I told you that. I couldn’t die without seeing everything there was to see – kzzkt – to –”
“-null- tells me, then. They tell me what they did. They could not face death. They did not want to leave their life, so they took the lives of others, retreating to the heart of the ATLAS at the end of each simulation. There it lived on. There it survived.”

Sounds to me like -null- is obsessed with self-preservation.


Very obsessed. Anyone could feel that way. Considering the fact the Travellers have been seperated for long, the fear of being lonely forver may have scared him and… well… fear does shit to people. -null- just happened to be on the blunt end of it all.


Yeah…Null is slightly on the delusional side about what he “has” to do…seeing everything out there is definitely a necessity of survival…hell, even the Atlas mocks Null’s attempts at impressing it and gaining recognition…it’s safe to say Null was more than a bit vain.


Anyone care to explain what’s going on with the pictures that are being taken? I’m completely out of the loop since the Myriad Dashboard doesn’t work for me.

Are the pictures being uploaded onto the dashboard? Or are we just posting links to them on Reddit for Emily to use? How do people know what to take pictures of? Just things from Eun’s memory?


You basically got it. We’re supposed to look through the evidence we have, and pick out significant events, symbols or emotional cues from Eun Ha’s life.

Then we make a friendship bracelet, and photograph it alongside as many of the significant things as we can manage.

Then we post the photograph on Reddit.

The Reddit mods will arrange them into into a gallery, and there will be some sort of competition for the best.


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No dust even in the garden (too much rain yeterday ^^) so I used some flour :sweat_smile:

은하 isn’t perfect but we’re not korean so probably harder for us to read it.


Oh sorry, I didn’t mean to imply this dreamer was Null, just that it reminded me of those particular conversations about what null did to survive and see it all, and that it refused to reset the simulation as the atlas had asked etc.

Though one could argue these fragmented copies of the dreamers minds could have somehow influenced or were used as the personality traits of travellers, or that all of the missing pieces, corrupted data we are trying to find is what created the travellers in the simulation.

That’s a very weak theory though and just a fun idea that came to me while responding


Here’s mine, happened to have an old dusty mirror about…


Since we’re posting contributions, here is the one I just now made available on Reddit (4 pics in total):


Here is my wishing well pic.


All of these pictures are so wonderful! Make sure you share them in the Patient Support Thread on reddit, that’s where the voting is taking place.


Ty for coming back and Ty for helping, even if some people think your not yourself.

I can only be grateful that the CSD Game Shipment was intercepted, I would have been testing the hardware NEXT.

CSD Games Tech Support,

PS heres to getting Eun Ha Back!!!


Would this on count??


lol…I’m going to make a wild guess and say that Boundary Failures don’t count as bracelets…but very nice screenshot. That is awesome.


is anyone else having trouble inputting the second answer for philip on mobile?