Patient Intervention Thread - Eun Ha


It’s the apostrophe in what’s for dinner. Make sure you use ’ and not ` also android adds a space at the end of word completion whihh could be causing issues.


I used whats’s for dinner exactly like this successfully.
The app added the capital W.


Yes it’s the apostrophe :disappointed:


I made this bracelet, and I took this photo. Hope Eun Ha likes it.

Edit: I can’t post on reddit. :sweat:


Wow! You actually captured the pattern. I didn’t have the patience. I got someone else to post my pics to Reddit. I am sure they will do the same for you. It was @kerdorin who helped me out.


Guys, quick question: how does the “contest” for the Eun Ha pictures work? Is there some sort of voting on Reddit or elsewhere? How do we vote? By what criteria are we voting? (artistic, as-per-purpose acc. to the ARG, completion with all 7 correct pics)?


See this from Reddit:

Mods, if you could put this thread into contest sorting mode, I’d really appreciate it! That will make it easier for you to use it for voting on your favorite pictures. Sometime on Sunday, I’d like it if one of you Citizen Scientists could grab the top voted submissions and make them into a mosaic or collage I can show to Eun Ha. You can just post the reply here in the thread, that way you know I’ll see it. I need it by Monday morning, 10AM UTC, so don’t wait too long before getting started on it!

Full thread here:


Yes I saw that, but I have no idea what “contest sorting mode” means… I read an old info link on it written by Reddit, but it doesn’t really explain how the voting takes place… is it just regular upvotes/downvotes as per normal Reddit usage? Hmm need to do some digging here, especially since they claim that a mod has been selected for making a collage of the “top-voted posts” …


It’s a Reddit thing. You need to ask them. It’s not being organised from here.


They were discussing this in the No Man’s Sky discord this morning. I think user YourBasicBaths (discord ID) aka YourBasicMaths (Reddit ID) is currently working on the collage of pics. You might ask in discord.


Reddit thread is simply being used to gather all the images in one place. Then ‘Emily’ or Old Gods can gather them together in a collage or whatever to look at them . What they decide to do with them after that is entirely up to the decision of the ‘atlas-Loop16’ thread organiser. Voting on them I guess happens sometime Monday. :slight_smile:


Votes are normally closed (16.00 UTC) but we can’t see the result so mods will tell YourBasicMaths the results and he will make a collage with the top voted pics.


@Carsinger I posted the image for you :wink:



Is that the official collage? Man that tattoo I got really gets your foot in the door when it comes to the photo segments :joy:


It is the one proposed by @YourBasicMaths yes.

This tatoo is known all over the world now :wink: Maybe Eun Ha will want the same when she will wake up.


Some photos of my Eun Ha bracelet I made with a No Man’s Sky colour theme and logo :slight_smile:
The willow is a corkscrew variety for you gardeners out there. The bracelet I had to learn how to make yesterday LOL from Yotube. Used an old shoelace and some bits of wool around the house :slight_smile:



Nice work :+1:


@johnnycloud these are lovely images, but I feel this might be too late… I’m not sure actually. What you should do is:

(1) upload the pics to imgur
(2) create a new post in the Reddit thread with the link to imgur there
(3) write a PM directly to user “YourBasicMaths”:

… and then hope for the best! :slight_smile:


I have joined reddit and just linked the pictures here. I think that seems to be the way as I can’t find any upload file button on the site.

Deadline is tomorrow Emily said yesterday ’ I need it by Monday morning, 10AM UTC, so don’t wait too long before getting started on it!’

Thanks for the tip on imgt @bcatrek but I don’t use imgt.