Patient Intervention Thread - Eun Ha


Yea sure, there are many ways to do it :slight_smile:
FYI, you can upload pics to imgur anonumously without a login/account, something I find very handy… but we all have our preferences!


Oh I like anonymous as I didn’t really want to join yet another site but in the end(probably too hastily now joined reddit as Emily forced my hand :frowning:


Reddit is also anonumous on the user/interaction side, no-one will know your email address, let alone your name or location… this is partially why I like it and why I deleted my Facebook account tbh


I wish I could believe that. But this is the age of the internet. Someone somewhere always knows everything, sadly.


Just create a new email only for Reddit, with a username that is untraceable to any online persona you have had in the past, and always login to the email and said Reddit account from a TOR browser.

You’re welcome! :smiley:


Wow! Great idea on the color scheme, Love the bracelet. What is the Atlas made of? :heartpulse: The photographs are incredible!


@bcatrek this is the countdown deadline page linked on Reddit:

I hope I have messaged yourbasicMaths correctly. Not sure what to do now.


The community nominated Citizen Scientist u/YourBasicMaths to take responsibility for the mosaic/collage. He has been supplied with the top voted images, and will post a collage for u/atlas-loop16 before Monday, 10am UTC Thank you all for your efforts. I’m confident this will go a long way in helping Eun Ha.

Final Update
u/YourBasicMaths has completed our submission in good time. In addition to including the top voted entries of this thread, he has included all entries prior to the deadline as a frame. Thanks for your efforts!

It seems that image has already been submitted.


Yeah, bummer. :confused: I was just reading the same thing. So, I’m confused… why did he submit early? I wonder.


This was posted/pinned on the GD Discord in regards to the submissions.

This same info was posted on the Reddit - Eun Ha Support Thread as well:


@DevilinPixy @sheralmyst

That has been added to the orginal post. The detail has been changed and if so unfair to those who went by the original thread. And also emphasized that Reddit was the only place to gather photos for voting.

The original instructions on Reddit said ONLY this Saturday:
Infact it STILL says this.

This thread is for discussion, collaboration, and speculation about the dreamer Eun Ha. If a special task is required to help this dreamer, it will be shared in this thread.

Please try to keep off-topic chatter to a minimum, thank you!
Attempting connection with dreamer…
Dreamer successfully connected to the Uplink!
ERROR, subject unwilling to cooperate.

Satcom-70 Uplink Dashboard

Hello Citizen Science Division! Thank you all so much for being willing to help Eun Ha. She seems terrified, totally unwilling to meet with me or even talk. At first I wasn’t sure how we could get her to open up and be more trusting, but then I got a report from the team that cleared out the Sacramento W/ARE facility. They picked up some of her personal effects during the raid, including a hand-woven bracelet and four journal entries from her childhood. We had the kind folks at Myriad translate the journal entries, but I don’t think they’ll be enough on their own. I already tried reading it to her, and while it seemed to help a little I think we’ll need to remind her of those memories in a different way. The translated journal and the bracelet were uploaded in the Myriad terminal and can be accessed with the following commands : search eunha_journal1997 and search eunha_bracelet.

Here’s what I need you guys to do:

First, try and make a bracelet similar to Eun Ha’s. (Bonus points for being super crafty, but just try your best)

Then, I want you to read the journal entries that Myriad has translated for us. Looking through the journal, I’ve identified seven distinct events that seem to have had a major impact on her life. To avoid bias, I’m not going to point out which seven I saw- but I want you to try and identify them yourselves.

Next, go out and take a picture (or a few!) of something related to one of those seven strong memories. Make sure you include the bracelet you made in all the pictures- I think that will help her to remember.

Finally, share that picture as a reply to this thread. Try to keep all top-level replies as picture submissions only, it’ll help a lot in organizing things.

Mods, if you could put this thread into contest sorting mode, I’d really appreciate it! That will make it easier for you to use it for voting on your favorite pictures. Sometime on Sunday, I’d like it if one of you Citizen Scientists could grab the top voted submissions and make them into a mosaic or collage I can show to Eun Ha. You can just post the reply here in the thread, that way you know I’ll see it. I need it by Monday morning, 10AM UTC, so don’t wait too long before getting started on it!

Again, thank you guys SO MUCH for helping out. I can’t do this alone, but luckily I’m not!

There is absolutely NO mention of a sudden change to a Sunday morning 11am deadline. I was at church.


I agree it was somewhat awkward to see the new instructions added a couple of hours after the original post. I was honestly not all that amazed and somewhat disappointed myself. Decisions were made with the Reddit community, I am not going to argue over this. Submissions are closed and a final collage has been made. I am sure it will not affect Eun Ha, although I understand the confusion with some of us here.


I have been out all day Sunday continuing the task within the original rules that were set.

26 hours later Emily or someone on Reddit decide to change the rules. Don’t people think this is unfair?
Maybe this is the kind of world Trump wants and now expects.

I could have simply submitted a single photo of the bracelet in the tree taken at 5.19pm on Saturday and not bothered doing anything else for brownie points or creating this tutorial should others want to create a bracelet themselves for fun. I may as well post it.

(I think you asked what is was made of @LilLadyD76 . My shoelace, wool, string, cardboard, glue and paint. I wanted to use wood but there was no time. Thanks for your kind words.)


How do you keep your shoe on? :upside_down_face: just kidding!


That is some awesome work @johnnycloud and I understand your disappointment. But hey, at least you get to share it with all of us here and I am sure you’ll get some lovin’ for it :wink:


It’s unfortunate the reddit community made this decision, it seems a lot of people in various NMS communities are expressing similar disappointment.

While I don’t understand or know the reasons why the collage was finished a lot earlier than one would expect (i figured the night before the morning due would be plenty of time to make the collage) but if I was to take a guess I would say it had something to do with the person nominated to make the collage actually having a scheduling conflict with Sunday/Monday.

Did you try reaching out to the user on reddit?


The rules were changed mid-way through the submissions. Yes I have tried to learn Reddit and message those concerned.


yes this part was a bit strange. Emily posted friday about midnight UTC and Reddit mods posted the “rules” 24h later so many people who didn’t see it thought they had all the sunday to make their pics. Unfortanately they had only 10 hours after this mod’s post…

I don’t know why A&S didn’t organise that like last year during calibrations phases where we had a site where to upload pictures.


Just been catching up and looking through the submitted collage, I’m very surprised to see no picture of the stars?



There are 3 photos with stars if i didn’t count wrong.