Patient Intervention Thread - Eun Ha


What are you talking about? There are stars!! My jacket was the star of the show :joy:

But no really there are some night sky’s in there :slight_smile:


Ok I looked again, I see one picture of a hand with a black background, I’m guessing this is one, albeit not overly clear. There appears to be a blurred image at top left showing cloud and stars but not what I had in my minds eye when I read that sentence.

Maybe I’m being too picky.

Of course I spotted your pic @toddumptious, that tattoo is unmistakable! When I saw the jacket I thought to myself, ‘Now there’s a chap with taste!’


Will you still respect my taste if I mention I usually wear a beat up and overworn hoody under my fancy suit jackets. It’s been a good crime deterrent. Nobody wants to mess with you if you look like a homeless man that just robbed a rich man of his clothes :joy:

Yeah there weren’t many photos of stars submitted, probably because the deadline suddenly changed when night time hadn’t even come for most people XD


I’ve never been one to judge someone for what they are wearing, I’ve worn some pretty outrageous things in my younger days!

Now that makes sense.


Picture posted! :v:


Thank you guys for putting up with my quibbling about the entry goal posts being moved. (world cup sorry…) The person tagged as ‘YourBasicMaths’ returned and got in touch. He read my post on Reddit and kindly made the effort to add a couple of my entries to the collage last night. I hope Emily shows as much understanding and we all trust her right? Emily or atlas_Loop16 I think were interrupted by a rogue Vy’keen transmission causing confusion.

Everyone has shown a lot of sympathy on both forums Reddit and especially here thanks. You have all prevented me from slipping into the darkness and becoming an infamous Space Pirate in the next update.

In the meantime this is how close I became… :hushed:


Johnnycloud, I love you :heart_eyes:

Not only did you weave your experience into the rich tapestry of NMS community lore but you alerted me to the fact the world Cup is on (genuinely, hadnt the foggiest… ) so ill know to avoid all pubs for… Two weeks is it? Sorry, I don’t understand the sports. I like to blame my imposter syndrome and always being picked last for that distaste :joy:

That’s great to hear you got in touch with the user and everyone was helpful and supportive :slight_smile:


This should be on the Waking Titan Meme Thread


@MacForADay: If you don’t mind, I am going to keep it here, as it was the result of the task involved with Eun Ha (submission details).

With this now being properly sorted, I do however think it is good to move on and get back to Eun Ha. Curious to see how this will evolve, I am sure we did our utter best to get her attention.


Hi @DevilinPixy @MacForADay . I don’t mind how your organise things. Several of my queries about the organisation of the entries, though relevant to the Eun Ha thread, could now be deleted to tidy up the thread when scrolling. (including this)

A couple could remain at your discretion, to capture the history of how the event unfolded and the conclusion of my questions. I bow to the will of you Vy’keen warriors… sorry I am still recovering. wipes beads of sweat from his brow :slight_smile:


I would just leave it be and not worry about it. This is how things unfolded and it has now been sorted. I think deletion will only further confuse users. Let’s move on …


“Thank you so much for your incredible mobilization! I’ll transmit the data to Eun Ha and examine her reaction. Hopefully, we’ll be able to talk to her today.” - u/atlas-loop16


I meant it should also be there.


Eun Ha has updated on


Conversations with Eun Ha have unlocked.


Two passwords, make sure you have the correct part selected when you are trying the passwords

Hometown - Jeonju, South Korea
Gained Citizenship almost 8 years ago
Mom died 12 years ago
Mom has a wrist watch collection
Mom’s grandfather taught her horology


Code for top node: Citizenship


They suggested that we do these individually so you might want to blur the answer. Not a big deal though.


Also a mention that Eun Ha became an engineer, because of the mechanisms involved with watches/clocks


All the other answers have always been shared before…it’s not been a problem.