Patient Intervention Thread - Eun Ha


No luck cracking the second conversation…she speaks of how her mother had a wrist watch collection in a small room and taught her how to disassemble and reassemble watches, a skill that she got from her grandfather. We also find out her mother passed away 12 years ago. The key emotional bit would likely be related to the watches but nothing I came up with so far works.


Bottom node is Wristwatch


Ahh…I was so close, I tried both “wrist watch” and “wrist watches”…never thought to drop the space.


I tried many codes when they talk about her mother and the wrist watch… none works…

edit, Ignore I tried Wrist Watch - case sensitive


Also not supposed to have a space.



I was writing separately. :triumph:


I’m a little confused on how decrypting the element files links to our progress. Is getting another hint about the update just something we will get each weekend regardless of what puzzles we solve?


So far it seems there is no direct link between the files we unlock and the dreamers. Getting them weekly is plausible, especially with them being called ‘Weekly Rewards’ in the source. Also appears to be a nice time-frame towards the release of NEXT.


Four weeks from today will be July 16th so if they stick true to the weekly schedule the last four remaining 1.5 hint files should unlock by then…it is possible they’ll end the ARG a bit early and have a proper 1.5 reveal early to still get some proper promotion in for the Xbox One launch.


" citizenship " is the code for the lock on top. Cheers.


I came to say the same!

The lower block has something to do with watches it seems. I haven’t found the right word yet.


“Wristwatch” for the lower block!


I also reflected some stars (the Milky Way), in the little wishing well picture. It’s not all that clear but they are there :slight_smile:


@DevilinPixy Thank you! :grin:


I am not able to progress further. Node ID-E3 does nothing on the dashboard.


I don’t think it is active yet. I cannot access it yet either.


Not activated yet…gotta wait until it’s activated.



Last memory block password is thunderstorm