Patient Intervention Thread - Eun Ha


I can relate. I was in a tornado a couple years ago and whenever the wind blows hard, or it rains really hard, it gives me chills. It wakes me up sometimes when it rains at night. I am glued to the radar whenever it rains. It’s some kind of instinctual thing ingrained in the mind. My cat feels the same way, so we hide out together. Though I think Eun Ha’s trauma is connected to the night she and her mother ran away from her Father.


What we learn this time:
Eun Ha is afraid of thunderstorms. She is still traumatized from the memory or her dad locking her and her mother out in a storm leaving them to seek shelter under a tree while he glared at them through the window.
This poor girl has been through a lot.
She has now started to trust Emily. If we break that trust during the extraction, this could go bad real fast. :scream:


And who added the rain ? Not Emily so is Eun Ha able to change details in the simulation ?



Where’s that from? A new memo?


Boundary strength at ~80%…rain from another simulation?


It’s possible. Would make sense with NMS lore.


Eun Ha has a new node activated too.

Scratch that, seems to be older, I just hadn’t noticed.


What’s the situation with Eun Ha? She should be ready to be freed from the simulation, why hasn’t she been? What’s the headset node supposed to do other than having it taken off her? Now that her memories are restored she shouldn’t have issues…is there a final conversation or community event there or something?


She has an event still.



Ah…community event…so presumably she’ll be in the group community event with the other three except she’ll be free now while the others will need more work yet.


She should be her DNA looks complete


It’s raining it’s pouring the old man is snoring he went to bed and bumped his head and couldn’t get up in the morning.


No activity on Eun Ha for a while, isn’t she ready to be extracted or are we going to have to wait a couple of weeks until they’re all ready and have that big stream community event ?


Don’t know, maybe we will get some more info when the current event is over, I wonder if it will be a mass extraction?

Edit: or maybe small groups like this event?


On Waking Titan Wiki they mention that her full name is Kwon Eun Ha. Is Eun Ha a surname or Christian name? I like Kwon actually. Forgive my ignorance I’ve never thought about how Korean or for that matter how Chinese names and sentences are structured.

I did find out the nice fact that Eun Ha when written in Hanja (Chinese characters) has the meaning of ‘SIlver River’ which references The Milky Way! How brilliant is that! :slight_smile:


Typically, the first name is the family name.Like your last name is. It is about family honor.


All these years and I never knew that. One of those things that has passed me by until now. Thank you. I began to suspect this reading this thread. Thanks for that!


And to be precise, in Korea they use hangeul, 은하 means galaxy :wink:


I live in South Korea. Yes, Kwon is the family name and Eun Ha is her 2 syllable first name. Her story happened all too frequently here at the time she was a child. Single mothers are really looked down on still.