WT is over BUT Mercury process is not

I’d like to regroup some infos (and talk about it of course) about what could be next. Informations are from A&S https://www.reddit.com/r/NoMansSkyTheGame/comments/6sdriw/poststream_informal_qa_from_yesterday/ and the Sean’s mail about 1.3

Crimeth -
@Anashel will we ever find out what our CSD IDs actually represented? :
Anashel -
@Crimeth I can’t answer that. But they are not random

Kilmerval -
Haha The divide [between designations] starts again
Anashel -
No, the number are not to divide, but groupe different profile that would not normally group. In part.

Sky -
@Anashel Did we get the question right after the 5 groups things with the binary and such? Since Emily said soemthing along the lines of “It’s OK, you’re human”
Anashel -
@Sky nooo, you didn’t got it right but this puzzle experiment deserved to be talk in details. (not now, but clearly later when we can)

Anashel -
Tapes are still in play this is not over and don’t see it as a single thread storyline arg it is not.
Thing overlaps and it’s organic I also want to stress out that, at 3 moments, you had direct impact on the story. One is much obvious, but for each of these moments we had alternate content produce and ready for your action
So even if you may feel that this was a linear storyline, you really shaped it

Not Schrödinger’s Mod (Fluffy) -
@Anashel is there any chance we’ll see the alternate ending video? I’m highly intrigued by it c:
Anashel -
@Not Schrödinger’s Mod (Fluffy) If the client is ok, we will release them. But the idea is really that you had an impact. YOU MADE the choice and made that story. It’s yours. Good luck with it… :stuck_out_tongue:

Anashel -
Emily and Elizabeth read all the reddit and the etarc, they were quite happy with the project and excited.

Sky -
Oh @Anashel sorry if this was answered already, but why is there still quite a few glyphs left that we didn’t unlock?
Anashel -
@Sky Can,t answer. Don’t see it as a linear event.

"It’s been an honour to watch, but this is just the beginning. Whether you’ve followed Waking Titan or not, we welcome anyone to sign up to the Citizen Science Division, and to join us on the official CSD forums.
Our journey continues.



Yup, it aint over yet and we are all a part of the games origin story now :slight_smile: SUhc an honor!

Didn’t want to make a new thread to ask this, figured heres a good space to ask. My room mate is wondering if its still possible for him to get a citizen id number? Or are they no longer issued? If it is, how does he go about doing so? Solving glyphs on WT and entering his email? or signing up on CSD-Atlas website?


Yes, just tell him to go and sign up on the CSD website, my GF tried yesterday and got herself an ID.


Yea, signing up for the mailing list (or using the WT site) are pretty much the same, and are the one thing that makes you a CSD member. I’m not sure if they still have any effect on the current phase, and I doubt you can use it to apply for an atlas pass still at this point. But you should be able to sign up and get informed of any future activity.

Well, that gives me some hope… I’m restraining myself from uttering a fully sincere comment on my thoughts at this time… Let’s wait for the update.
But… Yeah, not very satisfied with the hold “cliffless hanger” sudden “ending?” deal… Highly doubt HG includes the dynamic ending we chose as starting point. Realistically it will be a common, or abstract enough vision to accommodate the possible outcomes of the ARG, and take it from there…

Remember, NMS is a procedural universe, what if he found a way to generate the story base on the input of all the Citizen Science ? :open_mouth:

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Not impossible, but unrealistically unlikely. The “Atlas” could be given a stance towards the interloper, and start all positive towards us, as a result of our previous actions… But having the recent events intertwined with the foundational Lore inside the game…? Maybe, but I won’t hold my breath…


So what was the 3 instances we shaped?

Other than that last “herd voting” over at twitch… It all seemed pretty linear to me. Wonder if we’ll ever find out…

We shaped Emily’s future I guess, but she predicted it too… Gets a bit confusing. The Atlas Passes and remaining glyphs might help shed light on this stuff later.

Oh, I got the lore (that we were told) pretty clear in my mind… We were wondering about the “real-life” moments when our actions as players shaped the course of the story.

Yeah, I didn’t bother making a twitch account just to spam my vote. It’s a shame the finale was basically decided by random twitchers.
But anyway, I suspect each phase had alternate scripts prepared for EL. Each phase ended with a video from her, so I imagine there was just a different narrative from her for each one.


There probably was a "don’t worry for not solving a damn, It’ll be easier next time, somewhere there…
And the lead to the Mercury Process’ last set of Hub Comm-balls, that got scrapped because… Well, it wasn’t needed anymore.

Think about this… What was the Project name for the first US space program? Mercury? Coincidence? I think not! This is just the first of many phases!


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