STATUS command update > LIVE DROP! 10th glyph solution!

I’ve always taken these memos to actually be messages from Hello Games themselves, especially the ones with the sender and receiver blacked out.

I think highlighting the word “preparation” means the next NMS update is still “under preparation” and they can’t just “gib it to us” already like so many on Reddit often whine.

Highlighting “support” and “peer support” could be a reference to future multiplayer features as others have pointed out.


The reason people whine tho is due to lack of communication.

It’s both parties fault.

But oh well back to PUBG until NMS update consumes my life👍

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I thought this was weird also, but like you thought it didn’t bring anything of significants

In the email regarding the change in Class Designation there is an explanation:
PB-16’s key role is Data Gathering.

In the ongoing ARG this appears to be something that will be used in the future. How it will be used is yet to be disclosed.

As of yet there have been no reported PB-16 or PT-16 passes received. Even in the unconfirmed list:

I am intrigued as to how the designations will be implemented as we go forward.


It let me sign up & I got the Old Gods reply email, but the Citizen Survey linked in the email seems to no longer be up. I get the survey creation/hosting website asking if I want to create my own survey :-/ I guess that’s what I get for joining in so late, lol.

I hope they tell us our designations again because I forgot mine and deleted the email.

Ah jebus… here come the fetch quests lol.

FWIW, 16-A’s role is also data gathering.

I did not get this email

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I believe the “data gathering” section was on everyone’s email, referring to their request for addresses for the Atlas Passes. So unfortunately that doesn’t help us figure out what the designations mean.

!!!Redacted!!! is also data gathering. For those that do not recall this email (not you @blackIris), it arrived sometime in late August and stipulates the “not everyone will get a physical pass” and “do not share your id with anyone” direction. It also included the link to send your physical address.

It would be pretty cool if there were specific roles assigned for the future, but, I won’t personally keep my hopes up for that. I will however enjoy whatever Hello Games has in store for the community.

if this is useless info, please let me know and I will remove the post.

No, it’s not useless. Here’s a copy of the post I received on 30th July 2017 (suitably edited to remove sensitive information)

You have to click on it to see all of it.


Why did you censor your designation?

Click on the picture. Read the instructions.

It says “Do not share your class designation with anyone outside CSD”.

This is a public forum. Whilst you have to be a member of CSD to post here, anyone, anywhere, can read it.

Just following instructions.


I may have forgot about the initial instruction…oops. Some other person Who I saw on the spreadsheet that I know in another area is !!!Redacted!!!..that person shared their info…not me.
(See! a distraction!)


(Also, your last point is entirely valid, I lurked here for months before joining. Actually, This is my first forum that I have joined, and participated in…which says something for this user interface/community and the game that spawned it all!)


I see. Thanks, i guess I have forgotten that outsiders are a thing.


I had to dig deep but i found it:

The important part for designations is;

Crimeth -
@Anashel will we ever find out what our CSD IDs actually represented? :
Anashel -
@Crimeth I can’t answer that. But they are not random

Kilmerval -
Haha The divide [between designations] starts again
Anashel -
No, the number are not to divide, but groupe different profile that would not normally group. In part.

So the 10 hexadecimal digits from our ID are not random and have a meaning, the designations (8 differents) have at least 2 reasons to be.


Something curious to think about with regard to the pictures of mirrored atlas images given as a clue to the 10th glyph. Nine images were posted with ‘00’ titles. Someone speculated that these might be placeholders for an unknown word or words. I was toying with nine letter words and names and came up with ‘Focaults mirror’. As it turns out there are two ‘Foucault’s Mirror’. The first is related to the early technique use to accurately measure the speed of light by the French Scientist Leon Foucault. The second is an analogy by French philosopher Michel Foucault used to describe a Utopian space:

…" The mirror is, after all, a utopia, since it is a placeless place. In the mirror,
I see myself there where I am not, in an unreal, virtual space that opens up behind
the surface; I am over there, there where I am not, a sort of shadow that gives my
own visibility to myself, that enables me to see myself there where I am absent:
such is the utopia of the mirror.:… -Michel Foucault Of Other Spaces: Utopias and Heterotopias_
I find some interesting parallells to our existance in NMS here. Here is a link to the source materiel:


Wait… it may come up later on

reading up, - nothing “new” yet… -and I still sleep fine.