Loop17 info anybody

If you have worked for the Game Detectives No Man’s Sky update team?
game detectives dose not show a reason “Loop17” is status as process as already running an this was found by me just 30 mins ago here on “ETARC” from what i thought was a troll posting BS to the community would you have any clue why

What command are you typing to get loop17 is running?

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If you typed “Wake Loop17”, you will get the same reply no matter what is after the word Wake.


Ok, I seen another ACS post this with a pic. Showing the boot sequence , so I had to try it for myself. What to you know it did work mysteriously. MacForADay wouldn’t this be on the Reddit, wiki documented some were. Its not even show in Games Detective were I have gotten all my info for waking titan…

Still don’t understand what command it is you typed in or what the result you got was. Can you screenshot this or something?

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There ya go Mac!

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it is just the “wake” command. Doesn’t matter which word you put next, except with “Wake Loop16”, youll take the “Process already running” answer.



let me find the screen shot

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Haha, fair enough.

Someone’s a Wham fan lol x