Command: WHOAMI


I just wanted to share my thoughts on the ARG here:
Today, I remembered that the “WHOAMI” command had never been unlocked, and that started off a train of thought in my mind.

It is true that Hello Games is now communicating with us directly, instead of giving us information through the ARG.

It is also true that Waking Titan has been wrapped up, after freeing the dreamers and Emily’s death. The “Command not unlocked” output is bugging me a bit, because (to me) it seems that it is showing that there should be more to the ARG.
Of course, it’s also true that Hello Games has no further plans for Waking Titan.
If Hello Games or A&S have covered this already, feel free to ignore this.


Hello Games never explicitly stated that Waking Titan was over. It was the community’s own assumption despite the fact that the ARG still has so many loose ends that you almost need to interpret them as a setup for another season.

Atlas Pass v4s weren’t used for anything in Season 2, but they clearly will be since the AF announced the 16 limited edition passes. The passes that haven’t been shipped yet, and the AF actually needed to stress would carry heavy amounts of responsibility. A&S also said in a Q&A that the cassettes were still in play, and there remains a locked command cassette - but we never received any more in Season 2.

Hello Games probably chose to deviate from the original plan for Season 2 to explain the origin of Multiplayer in the game, but there still HAS to be more. Unless they had no more money to responsibly invest into the ARG, which clearly isn’t going be a problem considering NEXT.


I think it’s more of a question of diminishing returns. I would expect (and prefer) further narrative to be explored through the community events.


Here is something interesting found in game files by discord user Architect

Property value=GcMissionSchedulingData.xml
Property name=“RecurrenceType” value="GcDailyRecurrence.xml
Property name=“RecurrenceMinute” value=“0”
Property name=“RecurrenceHour” value=“0”
Property name=“DebugText” value=“start ARG mission 1”

That’s not verbatim, here is the Json file dump