Will there be another WT?

I thought we voted to have another round of WT at the end of last year’s. Am I wrong?

I really want to find out the answers to some of the loose ends in the last one.



As far as I remember, we were asked whether we would like another ARG. We weren’t promised anything, and I’m not aware of the outcome of the vote. Certainly towards the end of the last Waking Titan session, a fair few people were saying they were bored with it, and wanted it to finish.

In the past, Waking Titan has been used in the build-up to major, game-changing updates. At the moment, HG are not even hinting at anything like that in the pipeline.

For myself, I think another WT session would be nice, but I don’t imagine Alice & Smith come cheap, so HG would need a pretty good reason to do it again. Now they’ve launched on XBox, and expanded into the Chinese market, it’s difficult to see where another market for the game could be found.


Maybe, It has started and we missed the clues! :smiling_imp:

I am joking!!!:grimacing: But, I bet there are other ARG out in the wild waiting to be discovered. Has anyone tried any of the other Alice&Smith games?


In the absence of any other information, I offer the following thoughts:

Sean Murray now heads up a much bigger games studio than he did when he first made No Man’s Sky.

When Sean Murray is up against it, he works. When he’s bored, he works. When he has a vision, he works. The only thing that stops him working is lack of resources. And right at the moment, he’s got lots of those.

So we can be fairly sure that Sean and his team are working. What they are working on is secret, for now. But we can be pretty sure it will be something unusual - because that’s what Sean Murray does.

Sean and his team have learned from No Man’s Sky. They have broken new boundaries, and expanded the technology of gaming into areas the AAA developers thought couldn’t be done. But they’ve done that now. They’ve made the No Man’s Sky they originally set out to. And it’s wonderful - but now they’re moving on.

So, you want my opinion?

I think Hello Games are now working on the successor to No Man’s Sky. I don’t think they’ll abandon NMS, I think they’ll continue to support it. But I think there’s something new being developed.

And before that launches, maybe we’ll get some more Waking Titan.


What Cobra say about it is interesting.
For me Waking Titan is not over, at all. I think we should keep ourselves ready for another clue coming out of the blue…
Only speculations, but since they asked us if we’d like to have another season… I mean of course they didn’t promise anything to us… but since they are asking… ( )…

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I’ve noticed that the Waking Titan category has yet to be archived, so i think there is a decent chance of a continuiation.

I wouldn’t put too much faith in that. It’s the leaders here who decide what gets archived - and we haven’t had any information at all.

More significant, perhaps, is the fact that most of the Waking Titan web sites are still active.

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And the fact that we were asked if we would like another ARG…:wink:


This video seemed appropriate here, as it gives my answer to the question:


I read and discuss Youtube comments on this question in this video: