Did Waking Titan Go Quite?

I haven’t heard any chatter on it, and there is no NMS update so I’m sure its not over.

What is the status?

My guess is that the delay is tied to the current distribution of V4 Altlas passes.

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Ok, so are you saying that it hasn’t even started??

you can validate the 10th glyph, and wait until HG or A&S say that all the Atlas V4 are sent. At this point something should happen.

That’s not what I’m saying, It’s what Hello Games / Alice & Smith are saying.


I get that, but that’s what you’re telling me the status is…it’s just starting.

That’s my understanding, yes. What’s happened so far is just a taster.

OK, so the update is a ways out, then. That’s a bummer…

I look at it as we still have plenty to look forward to!

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@FullmanKatz I changed the topic category to Waking Titan - Season 2.


Consider the website updates and the Live Drop as a “pre-quake”…the Big Ones are coming soon™

Alice & Smith also used it as a measuring stick to see how many people would respond to the resurgence of activity. To see how many Old-Timers and New-Comers would get involved. They can use it as a “logistical metric” to gauge how many resources will be required going forward. Also as a tool to show costs for the Client. -)


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Games Detectives Discord user codex#7113 is an employee of A&S, though not currently working on WT. He says, “trust me, the intention was not to make you wait this long. we have plans, and they’re awesome plans, and you will love them”

Elsewhere he alluded to [unspecified] production issues (not under A&S control), but that comment seems to have been removed.

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