Atlas, CSD


Who is running the CSD now?


No idea…possibly still A&S though unclear…might be about to change hands if it hasn’t already since the ARG seems to be well and truly over now that Hello Games are opening frequent and direct communication with us and plan on having weekly updates for the game.


It seems it’s over. but it really isn’t, there are so many option’s left, the secret dreamer. Loop17?

events in-game. Maybe the return of Emily, i mean she must have known something right before she did it
or predicted something. This can’t be the end, maybe the end of Season 2. not the end of Waking Titan.


I doubt there will ever be a loop17…it doesn’t fit the game or the lore…the entire NMS simulation is build on base 16(Hex)…so a loop17 would be awkward and not fit at all.

That and HG have confirmed plans to open frequent and direct communications with us, the players, as well as weekly game updates and in-game community events…I don’t see how an ARG would fit into any of that at all.


Indeed, so somehow Loop16 could return in someform, some way. since Data can be projected in any form.


This forum was taken over by Hello Games in August 2017. That’s when it officially stopped being ETARC, and became Atlas CSD.

So the continued existence of CSD and the forum is not dependent on Alice & Smith’s involvement.


Think about what we have been doing the past 4 months or so. Weekly community events. True, it would no longer be an ARG, but A&S could be consultants on the setup, or WT could evolve into a series of missions.


That’s not really what they’re about…and HG have their own writers who handle game lore and story and such. I don’t see why they’d hire an ARG company on top to help them write for non-ARG stuff…that’s not A&S’s job.


True, but the WT story belongs to HG, so they could continue the story in the missions, assuming that Emily, #231…, or others are in the NMS sim.

I don’t really believe that will happen, but you never know. More likely is that we are looking at the second chapter, the darkest chapter, of a 3 part story. The third part will be stirrings in the real world that eventually lead to Emily coming back to “life” and creating the NMS sim. Along with VR (HA!) that …whatever, who knows. It’s just an advertising game.